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“Gilded Soul realm!”

Many sky-prides gasped upon hearing what Zi Yuhan said.

One thing worth noting was that only Gilded Immortals had the possibility of possessing the Gilded Soul Realm!

Generally, Gilded Immortals who had just broken through to the Gilded Immortal Realm would not even have a soul realm like that.

Yet, Chu Kuangren, a True Immortal, already possessed the Gilded Soul realm, which was simply incredible.

“No wonder he could ignore the Violet Eye clans soul attack.

It turns out his soul realm has reached the Gilded Soul realm.”

“How can a True Immortal like him do that Its incredible.”

“Hes truly a monster.”

Zi Yuhans eyes were full of blood, and his Violet Eyes were almost destroyed.

Although the Violet Eyes were powerful, they had their weaknesses.

Once their user cast them on someone whose soul realm was far more powerful than his, he would suffer the repercussions.

Chu Kuangrens soul was in the Gilded Soul realm, while Zi Yuhan was only at the peak of the True Consciousness realm.

It was lucky that his Violet Eyes did not shatter there and then.

“Retreat! Quick! His soul realm is far more powerful than ours.

We cant handle it,” Zi Yuhan said while intending to retreat.

He initially thought he would be able to deal with Chu Kuangren with the Violet Eye clans soul technique, but now, it seemed that he had underestimated Chu Kuangren.

With Chu Kuangrens Gilded Soul realm and his perverted strength, Zi Yuhan was nowhere near his match!

“Dont you guys think its a bit late for you to leave now” asked Chu Kuangren.

Following that, violet light suddenly shone from his eyes and painted his eyes violet! It was the Violet Eyes!

At that moment, all the Violet Eye clan members were stunned.

How could Chu Kuangren possess the Violet Eyes The Violet Eyes was the Violet Eye clans mystery.

Could it be that Chu Kuangren had something to do with the Soul Restricted Area

Thoughts were running through Zi Yuhans mind.

Just then, a cold chill swept over him, only for him to see in Chu Kuangrens eyes that his Violet Eyes were activated!

A terrifying soul attack erupted!

The impact caused Zi Yuhans soul, which had suffered the previous repercussions, to almost collapse.

The pain made him scream and wail non-stop.

Chu Kuangrens Violet Eyes was much more terrifying than his!


“This is bad.

Leave! Quick!”

The Violet Eye clan members wanted to flee, but it was too late.

With Chu Kuangrens Violet Eyes activated, the terrifying soul impact landed on every Violet Eye clan member wherever he looked.

How horrifying was the Violet Eyes cast by someone with a Gilded Soul realm

As the Violet Eye clan members souls collapsed one after another, their physical bodies fell from the sky like puppets.

Although they had no injuries on the outside, their souls were crushed!

They did not even have a chance to turn into dead souls.

The same thing happened to Zi Yuhan.

Even though he was a Prodigy sky-pride of the Soul Dao, he could not escape the fate of dying in the face of Chu Kuangren.

That scene made everyones scalp tingle.

They could not believe that the Violet Eye clan members died under their proudest technique, the Violet Eyes!

“How does Chu Kuangren know the Violet Eyes”

“What exactly is going on”

Chu Kuangrens soul was in the Gilded Soul realm, and with the Violet Eyes technique, cultivators whose soul realm was not as good as his would not be able to escape death when they encountered him!

His strength had already made the younger generation of sky-prides feel despair.

Yet now, on top of his Gilded Soul realm and the Violet Eyes technique, they found him even more incomprehensible!


“Hes truly a monster!”

“Isnt he satisfied with all the physiques he has Now that he has such high attainments in the Soul Dao, what does he think we should do”

All sky-prides felt pressured.

This was an era of magnificent and brilliantly talented people who were supposed to shine and create their legends.

Unfortunately, Chu Kuangren just had to exist in this era!

His glorious demeanor surpassed everyone else and almost made the sky-prides of his generation feel ashamed!

They felt that if Chu Kuangren were kept alive, all sky-prides of this era would be destined to live under his shadow.

“It seems like a remarkable character has emerged in this era.” The Nine Heavens Deity mumbled, “However, thats good too.

With such an existence, coupled with the great ones support, Im certain well be able to withstand that catastrophe.”

“Its your turn next,” Chu Kuangren said indifferently while looking at Eastern Sky Divine Daoist and Great Arbiter Divine Maiden.

He and the Immortal Hall had been against each other for a long time.

Therefore, he would not let those two people go easily.

Soon, violet rays swirled in his eyes, and the power of the Violet Eyes could be cast at any time!

Under his gaze, the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist and Great Arbiter Divine Maiden felt a chill all the way from the soles of their feet to their brains, as if the top of their skulls were about to be split open.

It was way too horrifying!

The Eastern Sky Divine Daoist and Great Arbiter Divine Maiden had a feeling that they were targeted by the God of Death.


A powerful and domineering aura suddenly emerged in the sky!

Countless black air currents were swirling in the air, turning into a huge black whirlpool.

From within the whirlpool, a terrifying aura permeated, and it contained an incomparably frightening suction force that sucked everything between heaven and earth into it.

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