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Lin yuelan was shocked, and she couldnt believe it!

Her eyes widened as she stared at Little Green in disbelief.

“D-death ”

She never knew that a River could actually die!

She had never thought that the spirit River in her space would die!

Ever since she came to this world, she had been overjoyed to see Little Green and the space.

This spiritual spring could cure people, plant vegetables, make wine, and so on.

She had taken it for granted and had been very happy to use it.

She had never thought that it would run out.

“Little Green, why didnt you tell me this before” Lin yuelan asked in surprise.

Little Green lowered its head and said guiltily, ” master, little spring told me not to tell you.

He was afraid that you would feel burdened! Master is very happy now.

Little spring, little space, and Little Green dont want master to be unhappy!”

If their master knew that little spring was getting weaker and weaker because of her, she would definitely be very sad and hurt.

This way, she would be happy, which was what they wanted to see.

“Why” Lin yuelan was confused, ” why are you so good to me ”

After the apocalypse, little green and the space had become her dual abilities.

However, she couldnt understand why Little Green and the space would choose her, who was so ordinary.

“Because youre our master!” Little Green replied in a serious tone.

Lin yuelan was still confused, ” why did you choose me as your master You should know that I was just an ordinary woman back then, wasnt I”

Little Green was dumbfounded by the question.

“We dont know, ” he said blankly.

Ever since we woke up, we realized that youre our master!”

Doomsday had arrived, the beginning of all destruction!

Everything in the world had a counter to each other!

And their arrival represented the rebirth of all living things.

However, from the moment they woke up, they had become Lin yuelans dual abilities, and Lin yuelan had become their master.

Until now, they still did not understand why they had chosen Lin yuelan as their master.

However, they were the spirits of all living beings.

They believed that Lin yuelan became their master for a reason.

It was the arrangement of the heavens, a fate that was destined.

They didnt understand it now, but they might know in the future!

Lin yuelan didnt know what to think after hearing Little Greens words.

However, she just felt like crying.

She was so touched that she wanted to cry!

Lin yuelan said with tears in her eyes, ” Little Green, I really have to thank you, Little Space and Little Spring.

I wont ask you why you chose me, but Im really, really grateful to you.

You are my family.

So, if theres any change in the future, especially if you feel uncomfortable, you must tell me, understand”

At this point, Lin yuelans attitude became serious.

She criticized Little Green harshly and said, ” little spring, youre getting weaker and weaker, so weak that you might … If we didnt get this emerald from Lin Changzhi, were you planning to never tell me about little spring

“Do you want me to live in guilt and sadness every day”

Little Green immediately shook its bud and explained, ” master, its not like that.

We just didnt want you to be sad.

Thats why we wanted to hide it from you! We know we were wrong now.

Master, please forgive us!”

When Lin yuelan heard Little Green and the rest admit their mistakes, she said seriously, ” its good that you know your mistakes! If you had told me earlier that the little spring needed Jade with spiritual energy, I would have done my best to find the Jade that the little spring needed.”

“But, master, isnt it hard to find Jade with spiritual energy” Little Green said worriedly.

It was difficult for Little Green to find it even if he mobilized all the plants and animals.

Therefore, Little Green was not willing to tell Lin yuelan about this.

If it had not felt the faint Qi emitted by the black stone in Lin Changzhis house this time, little spring might have disappeared.

Lin yuelan reached out and gently stroked Little Greens two green leaves.

She said firmly, ” no matter how difficult it is to find, I will definitely find more and better Jade with spiritual energy! Money can do many things.

As long as you can offer a good price, I believe many people will offer these things.”

Little Green immediately understood.

Lin yuelan wanted to use the money to collect all the jade and jadeite in the world!

To their master, it was not difficult to earn money.

Moreover, with them as her golden fingers, it was even easier.

Little Greens sharp tips immediately bent, and it said firmly, ” yes, we all believe in master! We promise that we wont hide anything from master in the future!”

Lin yuelan gently stroked little green and said, ” thats good!”

After that, she threw the priceless Jade into the spirit River without hesitation.

In an instant, Lin yuelan felt as if the spirit River had regained some vitality.

The corners of Lin yuelans mouth rose slightly as she said, ” Im afraid Lin Changzhi doesnt know that the unremarkable stone in his house has helped us a great deal!”

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