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Lin Changzhi still found it unbelievable.

He had never expected that Lin yuelan would want a black stone used to build his kitchen stove in addition to a hundred taels of silver.

This made him very confused.

However, what made him terrified was how Lin yuelan knew that there was a stone in his kitchen stove.

Could it be that Lin yuelan had secretly gone to his house without him knowing

Even though Lin Changzhi had these doubts and some fear in the depths of his heart, the method that he thought would really cost five hundred taels only cost one hundred taels and a piece of scrap stone.

Such a surprise still drowned out his previous doubts and fear!

In the space, Lin yuelan stared at the black, oval-shaped stone that was about 10 centimeters long and asked little greenie suspiciously, ” little green, is there really a Jade with spiritual Qi in it ”

Xiao Lus two small sprouts curved and said, ” Yes, Master.

The spiritual Qi in this Jade is very rich.

Its a high-quality Jade.”

Hearing Little Greens words, Lin yuelan no longer had any doubts.

She placed the stone on the table, then stretched out her right arm and spread her fingers.

Her expression was serious as she stared at the stone without blinking.

Then, her entire arm was immediately surrounded by a faint blue light.

It was in the shape of a Z or an N, or like the fork of a tree branch, or even the shape of broken glass …

If someone were to see this, they would definitely scream in surprise.

This was clearly the appearance of lightning.

Thats right.

This was Lin yuelans lightning ability.

The size of the lightning ability could be controlled by her will.

At this moment, Lin yuelan was using her lightning power to split the stone.

There were no tools to cut the Jade, so Lin yuelan could only use her lightning ability to press the shape of the Jade inside and discharge the electricity from the outer layer.

After using the lightning, Lin yuelans palm pressed the highest point of the stone.

Then, light blue lightning surrounded the black stone.

A moment later, the black stone cracked into pieces, revealing a fist-sized clear green jade in the middle.

It was glowing with green light.

Lin yuelan was shocked to see such a Jade full of spiritual energy.

It was actually a piece of Emerald!

Whether it was the past world, the modern world, or the present world, this thing was a priceless treasure!

Lin yuelan retracted her ability, her face full of joy.

She held the Emerald in her hands and stared at it.

This huge surprise made her so happy.

Seeing Lin yuelans surprised expression, Little Green fanned its leaves and pointed at its sharp sprout.

“master, quickly throw it into the spring!”

The spring that Little Green was talking about was the spirit River in the space.

Since it was a River, there must be a source, right

The liquid that flowed out of the spring was Spirit Water.

Spirit Water could cure all diseases and restore all life.

The spirit river must be maintained by something with the spirit Qi.

The so-called spirit Qi was the Qi that was formed after absorbing the essence of the sun and moon.

Therefore, the Emerald that had been cut out now had spiritual energy after thousands of years of collecting the essence of the sun and the moon.

Hearing Little Greens words, Lin yuelan immediately recovered from her surprise and said to Little Green with some reluctance, “Little Green, must we throw it into the spring ”

She really liked this thing.

“You must!” At this moment, Little Green said very seriously, ” master, although this little spring appeared at the same time as me, it doesnt mean that it will always be here.

“Previously, in order to have you reborn in this era, the river and my power are drained.

Thats how you can travel through time and space for thousands of years without being torn apart by the huge magnetic field when you pass through the time tunnel.

“The space and my ability will change according to the level of masters ability, but little spring …” little green bent its little bud and said in a sad tone, ” little spring will not change.

Most of the spiritual energy it consumed before is exhausted.

It has to be replenished.

The spring is very weak now.

If we cant find something to supplement it with Qi, it will become weaker and weaker, and eventually, it will die!”

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