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29 The Quinn Familys Face

The driver still did not understand how scary the young master of the Neal family in his car was.

That was the overlord of the north, the general of the northern army!

How could the dignity of such a person be challenged by an ant

As an adult, he had to pay the price for his words.

He had even used the power of the Smith family to disrespect him several times, thinking that Braydon Neal could not afford to offend the Smith family.

The truth was cruel. In the entire Preston city, there was no power that Braydon could not afford to offend!

The Neal family manor early in the morning was a little different from usual.

Now, the Neal family was familiar yet strange to Braydons family.

They were originally from the same family, but they were driven out of the Neal family for thirteen years. After returning last night, no one in the Neal family was not afraid of Braydon.

At the entrance of the bright hall, Leonard Neal was still kneeling. He used to be the second master of the Neal family and one of the top ten martial artists in Preston city.

He was an influential figure!

Now that he was a cripple, kneeling for a night had made him unconscious.

Braydon turned a blind eye and walked past him.

Laura Quinn could not bear to watch. “Braydon, hes your fathers cousin and your uncle. Hes been kneeling for the whole night. Forget about it. Let him get up!”

“Mom, dont get involved in this.”

Of course, Braydon would not agree.

Back then, Leonard chased after the mother and son for the whole night on that rainy night, causing the seven-year-old young Braydon to go to the north and suffer.

He even caused Laura to become a cripple, so Braydon would not let Leonard off easily.

“Mom, lets go to Grandpas house at noon!” Braydon squatted down and whispered.

“You... Sigh,” Laura sighed.

She knew that her son must have suffered a lot in the northern territory over the years and could not let go of what happened thirteen years ago.

The Quinn family was one of the seven great families in Preston. Back then, it was only a third-rate family. Because of the marriage between the Neal and Quinn families, the Neal family had helped the Quinn family with all their might, and in five years, they had risen to become one of the seven great families.

It could be seen that with the Neal familys strength, it was not without reason that they had been the head of the seven great families for decades.

On that rainy night, Laura took Braydon and escaped to her parents house to seek protection.

The result left everyone dumbfounded.

The Quinn familys painted red door was tightly shut, refusing to let Laura in.

She was the daughter of the Quinn family!

Who knew that the dozens of people in the Quinn family would actually be so terrified.

Although there were seven great families in Preston, the other six families looked down on the Quinn family, including the Neal family. They treated the Quinn family like dogs.

At that time, Laura knelt in the rainy night and begged her family to open the door and let young Braydon in.

She, Laura Quinn, could turn around and go back to the Neal family to die without implicating the Quinn family. She only asked that they protect Braydon, who was seven years old at that time.

However, the Quinn family rejected her and even killed Lowell Neal.

He was Braydons second uncle!

He was the one who escorted Braydon and Laura to the Quinn family. Without the escort of a martial artist, they could not have escaped the interception.

In order to please Gerald Neal, the Quinn family stabbed Lowell Neal in the back.

This was the human heart!

That year, the seven-year-old Braydon had witnessed everything.

He had personally witnessed his three loved ones losing their lives at the hands of this vile person.

That was why Braydon hated betrayal and despicable people the most in his life!

Louis Neal entered the bright hall and said, “Well have to make this trip sooner or later. The ungrateful Quinn family has your second uncles life on their backs. Even if thirteen years have passed, theyll still have to pay it back!”

This blood debt could not be settled like this.

“Prepare a generous gift and go to the Quinn family!” Braydon said.

Someone from the Neal familys finance management immediately got ready to load the carriage with generous gifts.

The gifts that he had prepared were the birthday gifts that Gerald Neal had received from various families for his birthday last night. Unfortunately, he did not have the fortune to enjoy them.

When everything was ready, Braydon put on a black cloak with a golden Qilin embroidered on it, looking very noble.

The black car drove through the bustling city and arrived at the entrance of the Quinn familys community.

The entire community was completely monopolized by the Quinn family.

The Quinn family wanted to build a manor, but they were not qualified!

They were the only special case among the seven great families that did not have a manor.

At the entrance of the community, there was a six-meter-tall, retro-red gate. It was not opened easily. It was only for important people of the Quinn family.

When the Quinn familys descendants entered and left, they would enter from the side door.

The Neal familys car fleet stopped at the entrance. The eight security guards had sharp eyes and remembered the Neal familys car plate number.

The security captain was secretly puzzled. He did not receive any notice from the higher-ups today about the Neal family coming over!

“Quick, open the main door. Go and inform the butler that an important person from the Neal family has arrived,” he quickly said.


The dark-skinned security guard ran back to the community.

Braydon sat in the car, watching the red gate slowly open, and a faint disdainful smile appeared on his lips.

“I still remember that night. The rain was heavy, and the red gate of Grandpas house was tightly closed!” Braydon said softly.

However, things were different now.

The Quinn familys front door opened, and the security guards nodded and bowed at the side, watching the Neal familys convoy pass.

In the process, Braydon did not even roll down the car window, so the security guard did not see who it was.

No matter who was in the car, the security guard would not dare to ask for the window to be rolled down for inspection.

In the best central area of the community, townhouses were built, and the top figures of the Quinn family all came out to welcome them.

The middle-aged man in a suit standing in the middle with his hair combed back was the head of the Quinn family.

He was Geoffrey Quinn. He looked at the fleet of cars slowly coming to a stop in front of him. The windows were closed, but no one got out of the car.

The atmosphere suddenly became a little depressing.


“Youve already arrived home, so why wont you get off the car” Geoffrey said loudly.

After his words fell, what was odd was that no one in the car answered.

Geoffrey was extremely thick-skinned and did not feel embarrassed at all. Instead, he was smiling warmly.

A young mans voice rang out from the car, “I would like to ask master Geoffrey to open the door for me personally!”

His words made the Quinn familys faces turn extremely ugly.

This was an obvious humiliation!

Geoffrey Quinn was the head of the family. How could he open the car door for a young man of the Neal family

To everyones surprise, Geoffrey strode to the car door and pulled it open.

However, the car door was locked, and he could not open it the first time.

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No matter how thick Geoffreys skin was, he was a little embarrassed at this moment.

This was clearly making a fool of him!

The second time, the door was opened up.

Geoffrey was stunned. He did not expect the young man sitting in the car to be someone he did not know.

Even though they did not know each other, his face looked a little familiar.

Braydon calmly got out of the car, along with Louis and Laura.

Geoffrey was stunned at first, then his face darkened tremendously. He did not expect Laura and Louis to come.

“Who let you in!” The eagle-eyed man beside him was filled with disgust.

“Second Brother! Laura said with difficulty.

“Im not your second brother. Youre no longer a member of the Quinn family!” The eagle-eyed man, Theodore Quinn, was very heartless.

In actual fact, the angriest person should be Geoffrey Quinn.

After being strung along for so long, he thought that since the person in the car was so arrogant, it was Larry Neal that had come personally.

Who knew that it was Louis Neal, this stray dog who actually dared to play with him!

Geoffrey turned around and angrily rebuked, “Chase him out!”



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