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The Way of Doing Things Is Very Strange

Shen Qiuhua and Su Fengmao looked at Luo Jinan with expectant eyes. They naturally hoped that their daughter and son-in-law would have a good relationship.

Luo Jinan looked at everyones expressions and then at Su Binglan. He nodded slightly and said, “Okay.”

Then, he opened his mouth gently and ate the piece of sweet potato pancake that Su Binglan picked up with her chopsticks.

Su Binglan couldnt help but ask, “How does it taste”

At that moment, Su Binglan blinked her bright eyes and looked at Luo Jinan. Her eyes were passionate and bright, like a moonlit night that could illuminate ones dark heart.

Luo Jinan ate the sweet potato cake and felt a fragrant and sweet taste spread throughout his mouth, arousing his taste buds. A warmth filled his empty stomach when he swallowed.

Luo Jinan nodded and said, “Yes, it is delicious.”

Upon hearing Luo Jinan say it was delicious, Su Binglan smiled brightly. “If you say its delicious, it must be delicious.”

At that moment, Su Binglan felt that it was meaningful to cook delicious food. The person who cooked would be in a better mood if others enjoyed their food.

“Now that Luo Jinan has eaten, you two should have some too.”

Shen Qiuhua listened to her daughters words and tasted the food. Shen Qiuhua ate it and nodded vigorously. “Oh my goodness, its so delicious!”

Shen Qiuhua was pleasantly surprised that her daughter could cook so well. The sweet potato pancake she made was genuinely delicious.

Su Fengmao, who was usually quiet, nodded and said, “My daughters dishes are amazing. Theyre much better than those famous chefs.”

Su Fengmao didnt notice that he accidentally said this. However, no one else thought much of it.

Luo Jinan, on the other hand, gave Su Fengmao a profound look. In his opinion, Su Fengmao was not an ordinary villager.

Su Binglan asked casually, “Father, have you eaten the dishes cooked by famous chefs before”

Su Fengmao smiled and said, “N-No, I was just saying that for dramatic effect.”

Su Binglan didnt ask further. She knew that everyone had their secrets because she did too. Even Luo Jinan did. However, Su Binglan didnt know if her parents kept any secrets from her.

Then Su Binglan started her next dish with the potatoes, peeling and cutting them into thin slices. After that, she washed them with water to remove the excess starch.

Su Binglan poured some oil into the pot, bringing it to a boil. Then she turned the gas down and put the cut potatoes into the boiling oil to fry them.

After removing the fried potatoes from the pot, Su Binglan splashed some water and sprinkled some sugar into the pot. The sugar melted and started to form bubbles, changing in color.

Su Binglan put the fried potatoes back into the pot, stirred it well, and removed them once again when they were almost done cooking. This method was straightforward, but it looked strange to the others.

They had never seen someone use sugar as a cooking ingredient. The Su family and Luo Jinan only knew how to cook with salt and not sugar.

However, it seemed quite delicious, and the two parents didnt question their daughter. It was usual for their daughter to be clever since she was different from the children growing up. Su Binglans parents were proud of her.

But when Luo Jinan looked at Su Binglan, his expression became increasingly conflicted. Luo Jinans identity was unique. He was very noble since he was born, eating various delicacies and seeing many things.

It was Luo Jinans first time witnessing such cooking methods.How did she think of this dish

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Luo Jinan heard the villagers talking about Su Binglan when the Su family purchased him. They said she was clueless, but her family was willing to dote on her because she was a girl.

Luo Jinan found it incredible that Su Binglan suddenly knew so much.



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