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After doing my preparations, today I headed to the guild by myself.

If something happens, it’ll be just me and it’ll be troublesome if the other two got involved again as well.

Entering the guild street, I peeked a quick glance at the Chruch at the end of the street.

I have yet to pay a visit to the church in OXter, and I really wanted to get another ability assessment done as well but……..

After finishing a request safely today, I plan on doing that tomorrow.

While feeling excited about it, I entered the guild.

I came here first thing in the morning but as expected—-Greath was here after all.

Well, it’s almost cute how he waited exactly for the day my suspension would end and even bothered to wake up early just for me if I think about it.

I tried to pass through while ignoring him but he stood up and blocked my way.


“Oioi oi! Aren’t you just so cruel for ignoring me like that!”

“——-Don’t touch me.

Unless you want to end up busted like your lackeys.”

“*hyuu* how cool!……try and hit me.

——Oi c’mon try and hit me!!”

He brought is face close to mine and began shouting as if to threaten me.

………man, this guy really pisses me off.

For a second I really considered just slicing him down but, let’s be real I can’t do something like that in such a place.

Well he’s asking to get hit, so doing just that should be fine right

Thinking that, right when I was about to punch my fist directly into his face—–

“Pl-please do not fight…..in-inside the g-guild.”

While holding on to a her skirt, one of the receptionist girls spoke up.

Last time around, the guild ignored and waited from the sidelines but looks like this time they gave a pre-emptive warning.

I lowered my fist and obeyed the receptionists instructions.

“…….Oi, who the ** are you to be complaining to me HUH! You do know what will happen if I leave this adventurer guild! Oi!!”

Switching targets from me to the receptionist, Greath approached slowly walked closer to the receptionist and began threatening her.

Umm…..if I recall correctly in such a situation—–

If it’s to save a person, surely I won’t get into trouble even if I kill him right

Convincing myself in a suspicious manner, I slashed at Greath from behind.

He’s pretty armoured up but nothing survives getting their head chopped off.

While holding on to my sword’s grip, I quickly closed in on him—–and unsheathed with his neck as my aim.

“Stop this right this instant——that goes for you too, the adventurer behind him!”

I was almost certainly going to lop his head off but was suddenly stopped from doing so.

It was by a slender old man, who was wearing clothes similar yet somewhat different from the rest of the receptionists.

Judging by the shining gold badge that was proof of being a guild employee, was this old man the chief of this guild

“Why, if it isn’t the Guild Chief Michael himself! To think even the chief would try and stop me”

“I am fully aware how important you are to this guild.

That is why  I have been tolerating your actions but……..if you think you can get away with raising a hand on my subordinates, well, you have another thing coming.”

With a clear confident voice, the guild chief spoke to greath.

Even from behind him I could tell that nerves were popping on Greath’s head from rage, that’s how angry he was——



“It’s a joke, just a silly joke.

I was just poking some fun that’s all.

I would never actually attack them, so calm down.

You’ll be in trouble as well if I got ousted from this guild right”

Raising both hands, he spoke in a joking tone.

He’s threatening with his words, but similarly even he knows that he and his group can’t just let go of their ‘castle’ so easily either.

I mean he can act all high and mighty while being just a platinum rank only in place like this.

That’s why the guild should also be more proactive against him but I suppose, for them it will be an legit issue if Greath actually left as well.

That’s why they usually take the modest route, because there is always a chance he might really leave.

I personally would rather let this place go out of business than ever suck up to a **ty bastard like him to be honest though.

“That’s good.

Please make sure to not create too much problems alright”

“I know I know.

Let’s get along as always okay”

Saying that he turned around and while glaring at me walked past by me.

“You’re lucky, getting saved like that.”

Greath whispered that quietly into my ears.

Having his face so close to me made me disgusted enough to give me shivers but ignored it, and walked towards the receptionist that originally warned us.

“Thank you for speaking up.

You helped me.”

“n-no, I was just d-doing my j-job.”

She was still shivering from the incident, and her grip on her skirt only got stronger.

I wondered how to calm her down but id don’t think I, who picked a fight with that Greath, could do anything to calm her down.

“Suzanna-san, you can go back and take a break….and you, come with me.

We need to talk.”

The receptionist was taken back two other guild employees that came out and retreated to the backyard.

On the other hand, the guild chief took me to one of the usual consultation counters.


“You are the one that picked a fight with Greath-san recently aren’t you”

“Well, if we’re being technical that’s not true, but yes, I did have quarrel with Greath.

“I thought so……..this is just a request as the guild chief but please stop opposing Greath-san.”

A deep sigh leaked my mouth at those words.

Seeing my frank response to his words, the guild chief’s sour face became even more sullen from displeasure.

“That’s impossible.

He’s the one constantly picking a fight with me.

I don’t plan on doing anything anyway and if you want to stop these fights, go talk to Greath instead.”

“If I could do that, we wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place.”

“Then, don’t bother trying persuade me either.

No matter who says what, I have zero intention of bowing to a man like him……..I think you probably realized it back there as well but, the moment he crosses the line, I will kill him instantly.”

“——Please wait just a minute!”

Giving that warning, I left the consultation counter and headed to the bulletin board.

I felt irritated seeing an organization this corrupt but knowing full well that I couldn’t do much about that, I cleared my head and focused on choosing a job.

Greath and his lackeys had already left, so I was able to calmly pick a request at my leisure.


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