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“I believe you all know the role and risk of the school team chief in the competition.” Chen Ci’s eyes fell on Wei San in the front row, and she noticed that she was at a loss and appeared like this conversation had nothing to do with herself.

She could not help but pause.

“In the competition, in addition to the main members, the school team’s chief chief would often be the sixth person to be targeted.

The chief soldiers of other military academies would focus on you.

If the main chief releases their hand and appears leisurely, the first target would also be the school team’s chief soldier.”

“In the past, Teacher Chen Ci was……” Ding Hemei stood beside Wei San and moved her mouth slightly.

“After discussion with all the teachers, we unanimously recommended……”

“To be the chief soldier of the school team for the fourth session.”

“Wei San will be the chief for this school session.”

After listening to Ding Hemei’s whispering gossip, Wei San quietly raised a thumb and exclaimed, “Awesome ah.”

“Awesome ah——”


Chen Ci: “……”

All the students of the school team on the scene: “……”

In the various offices of the school, teachers on the road: “……”

According to convention, on behalf of all the teachers, they would announce who will be the chief of the school team, and will let a micro drone fly off the rostrum to the chief.

At this time, the rostrum will project where and who the chief of the selected school team was.

There was also a microphone attached to the drone.

After the chief speaks, the speech would be broadcast to the whole school through the audio system on the stage.

In the past, the speeches of the chief of the school team were all inspiring or solemn speeches.

No matter who was elected, they would put life and death aside.

Chen Ci didn’t expect that the drone would fly by, and the first sentence recorded by Wei San was this sentence, which was immediately spread throughout the Damocles Military Academy.

Moreover, her thumbs, which were extremely cocked up on her side, were also clearly recorded.

In addition to Ding Hemei, the picture in everyone’s eyes was: as soon as teacher Chen Ci announced that Wei San would be the chief of the school team, Wei San not only gave herself a thumbs up, but also sighed from the bottom of her heart, “Awesome ah!”.

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Whoever has seen this, whoever has heard this, could only say a word of awesome!

Chen Ci: “……we all know you are awesome.

What else does Chief Wei want to profess to the school team”

Wei San had thick skin.

Although she was misunderstood, she didn’t hurry to explain herself, actually acquiescing.

She cleared her throat: “There’s nothing better to say.

Since the teacher chose me, everyone should follow me and f*** em up!”

This remark sounded like an illiterate idiot.

“What is chief Wei’s outlook for the competition” Chen Ci asked mechanically, acting as a ruthless and insensitive interview machine that won’t run down to seize Wei San.”.

This was the second question according to convention.

Expectation Wei San really had no expectations.

She thought for a while and seriously articulated: “I want to see the rise of the Imperial fire.”

Everyone: “”

“What is the fire of the Empire” Ding Hemei turned her head and asked what everyones’ inner turbulence was.

“The Imperial double stars have one with long hair.

It’s a pity not to burn good hair.” Wei San voiced a little longing.

She and Jin Ke wanted to see this fire.

Hearing her provocative words, Chen Ci stood on the stage and smiled: “I hope your vision will come true.”

However, this was impossible.

Let alone whether Ying Xingjue would lose, even if he lost, it was impossible for people to touch his hair, not to mention that Ji Chuyu was always around him.

After the selection of the school team’s chief, the students were each taken to separate training by the teacher.

But that night, the incident of “awesome” by Wei San during the day was thoroughly spread among the teachers of the school.

The name “Wei San” was once again famous.

On the special day when the school team’s chief was selected, the teachers thought not of the chief of the school team, but of the “awesome” of the school team.

When it came to Wei San, it was all: That awesome student

To outsiders who heard, they really thought that Wei San was very awesome.

They liked to mention the famous Wei San, who has not only won the title, but also received all the teachers’ help, that was, high-pressure training.

During the period when the teachers were all teaching Wei San, they have experienced various mental processes: Good seedling——the good seedling who thought of all types of ways to be lazy——even this could be a way to escape

Only Chen Ci, who has been poisoned before, was a little calmer: such a cunning and shameless student, she hoped that the other military academies would also appreciate her in the competition.


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