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Wei San could not help feeling depressed and exhausted.

She stuffed her nose and nestled in bed, then she sent a message to Jin Ke to prepare for her will and future endeavors.

Secretly begging for food: [I still have 43.42 million yuan in my account.

If anything happens, remember to give the money to Teacher Li Pi and his wife.]

Jin family made a fortune: [Where did you get so much money! You’ve developed, brother!]

Begging secretly: [……normal people should ask what’s wrong at this time and if i need help.]

Jin family made a fortune: [You can still send messages.

Nothing should happen to you in a while.

Please satisfy my curiosity first.

Where can you earn so much money Take me there!]

Begging secretly: [get out!]

Over the past two weekends, she has been playing challenges with West Landing and the team.

Each game earned five million star dollars, and the three people played seven games every day.

The mecha was not damaged much, and they did not hire a mecha engineer.

All the money won was split.

Wei San has not engaged with mechas recently.

As long as it was not related to mechas, money could basically be saved.

She had so much money in two weeks.

Ordinary people could even live a good life for half of their lives.

For this person though, mechas were a bottomless pit.

Jin family made a fortune: [what’s wrong with you]

Wei San threw the paper into the trash can and shook her head.

She discovered that she was no longer dizzy.

She silently calculated a math problem and found that her brain could still think normally.

She should not be seriously hurt.

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Secretly begging for food: [nothing, I’m just testing our friendship.

It seems that it’s really unreliable now.]

Jin family made a fortune: [You try again, try again, and I’ll do well!]

Begging secretly: [goodbye.]

So people with A-grade perception could only just build the bare basics of a model can’t they

However……Wei San raised her hand and felt her nose.

She felt that the degree was tolerable.

She took a look at her online and offline time, 93 minutes, less than two hours.

As long as she logged in an hour at a time, it may be better.

Wei San, who was not very clear about the consequences of forcing an A-grade to cross into S-grade territory, thought this was a good idea.

At the other end, Ying Chenghe received a reminder from the Rubik’s cube forum.

When he opened it, he saw that it was a message from “I’m too poor to make mechas.” However, this person had already shown that they were offline.

Ying Chenghe subconsciously clicked into this person’s homepage and found that there was new activity.

They actually imported the data of an S-grade mecha.

They really were an S-grade mecha master.

Ying Chenghe only glanced at the data of this mecha.

It was a very typical data for S-grade medium-sized mecha models, and there was nothing special.

But what does it mean to put only the head and the hand in the data model

In addition to transforming and researching the mecha, Ying Chenghe basically spent his spare time thinking about this person’s intentions.

They went to the public relations forum to send the data of an S-grade mecha, but didn’t send it all at once.

What was the meaning behind this.

He was speculating on the ideas of “poor has no money to make mechas.” Really poor·Wei San was still struggling with the S-grade mecha that Yu Qingfei inadvertently created in his aesthetic book.

Later, she went to the reference room and looked through other notes.

Most of them, she could find some traces, but they were not complete.

They were patched together by Wei San, and she could actually understand a little.

But soon she had no time to study.

When the training ground gathered, Chen Ci stood on the rostrum to speak on behalf of the other teachers.

“After nearly two months of training, all your data have been statistically summarized.” Chen Ci looked at the 1000 students at the bottom, plus the 500 substitutes.

“After discussion by the teachers, the school team chief is selected today to play the leading role in the competition.”

Everyone looked up at Chen Ci with a solemn expression.

The Hephaestus competition was not an ordinary competition.

It could be said that the competition was the most cruel selection pathway to the military.

The best people in the military of all ages have come out of the competition.

This was a road watered with blood.


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