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SOOEW Chapter 399 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game LII

by BobaTeaTranslations 

Wen Ying still went back to the guild residence once.

In holographic online games, there were also some handover procedures if someone wants to leave the guild, such as returning guild badges and other items.

The first regiment’s members also arrived after her.

They spent the longest time with her in the guild.

It was difficult to accept that she really wanted to leave.

“Small Cute Cute” comforted her while persuading her, “Although the president made his own decisions, I just heard that he did it for the props of the main line mission.

You think, we also don’t know if we can grab this wild boss.

It’s understandable that he would have made such a decision at that time.…..”

She answered “I know” and said nothing more, which showed that she had made up her mind.

Shi Lan kept his eyebrows raised in silence.

Seeing that she had gone through the formalities and walked all the way out, he suddenly asked, “are you really the ‘Beauty of the City’”

“Small Cute Cute” gave him a look.

He didn’t dare to ask this question just now.

“If you are speaking about the name given by the outside world.” She stopped, turned around, nodded at him, “then I am.” Immediately, she waved to the apparently stunned people and walked out of the station.

Outside the station, a figure squatted at the door with a straw of grass in his mouth.

When he heard the sound of footsteps, he stood up against the wall and smiled at her.

The dimples on his cheeks made his smile particularly bright.

Under the surprised eyes of Wen Ying, he held out his hand and asked, “Little sister, would you like to wander around the world with me”

Wandering around the world was obviously just a better name.

After Zheng Yun ran away with Wen Ying alone, the thing he did the most with her was to dig up treasures.

He obviously preferred to be free in the wild rather than to be the President of a guild.

In addition to group play in “Chasing Deer”, there was also a need for individual play.

Players could learn a variety of daily skills, such as fishing, mining, medicine picking, cooking, etc., as well as thrills such as adventuring on dangerous maps and finding treasure.

However, when Zheng Yun used to play, he could only dig out one lump after another of black coal, rotten wood, stinky dried fish and other absolutely unexpected things, which made his interest in treasure digging less than half.

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Now there was Wen Ying, he wept with joy.

He spent all day trying to find a treasure map.

He opened a map carelessly and lost interest in it after observing it for a while.

Wen Ying felt it was familiar, and brought it over.


“This is the main line mission map……”

“Yo, is it” His face was covered with mud and dirt, but it could not block the stars in his eyes.

He came over and looked at it.

“I think it does not conform to the map of the mainland, it’s probably a fake map.”

Wen Ying took out the one in her own space, which she got when she finished the last part of the serial task.

She compared the two pictures and confirmed that it was indeed the main line map.

“Stop acting crazy!” She couldn’t help laughing, but the speed of her hands did not slow.

With one move, she grabbed his map and stuffed it into his luggage.

“The culprit is human.

What’s this got to do with it”

He listened thoughtfully and changed the topic.

“Did you know that an auction was held in the main city recently”

They usually wander around in the danger map, which is also a special map.

They often can’t contact the outside world, so he asked.

She shook her head and asked him, “How do you know”

“Just read the forum offline.” He giggled, “I heard there was a rare soul spirit.

The three guilds have privately said that they want to shoot for it.

It’ll be in these two days, I don’t know who they want to shoot it for”

Wen Ying delivered a punch, although the senior level of the Wushuang guild came forward and pointed out that she was the Beauty of the City, it seemed that Mobei Eagle had given an order not to allow others to tell the news, so at first the news was only circulated within the guild.

However, the Wushuang guild has a large number of people, and it’ll always reveal a bit of rumors.

Recently, it has caused a storm in the city.


The more serious the trouble is, the less people like Duhuo and Prince Long will listen to the “rumors”.

So far, they still try to send messages to communicate with her.

But she knew that she could not hide it for long.

Just as she’s thinking of this, she rarely went offline and wanted to go to the forum to read about the auction that Zheng Yun spoke about, and was attracted by the title of the top post .

“Exposé! It is revealed that Mobei Eagle conspired with the Beauty of the City to cajole the two city masters.

See the video inside!”


She hesitated for a moment and then clicked in.


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