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Chapter 774: Despicable Attack

“So what I want to say is that there is no need for us to deny ourselves.

As long as we are willing to work hard, we can achieve our dreams anywhere.

This has nothing to do with whether we go abroad or not.” Yun Xis words were very reasonable.

All of the students present were university students.

Naturally, they had their own positions to distinguish between right and wrong.

“Students, please be quiet!”

The students began to discuss among themselves in their seats because of Yun Xis remarks.

For the first time, Liu Mei felt that someone had challenged her authority ever since she came back from abroad.

Due to Liu Meis experience of studying abroad, many people respected her a little.

The teachers in the school also valued the rarity of things.

They treated Liu Mei well in all aspects.

This was the first time Liu Mei was defeated in this school.

“This student, there is nothing wrong with what you said.

However, other teachers, such as your counselor, teach chemistry.

So he can still become a university teacher in the country.” Liu Mei paused before continuing.

“What I teach is the language of Country X, so I think that only after experiencing the local customs and local people, and learning the knowledge of the theoretical system in the classroom, can I become a better teacher.” Liu Mei rebutted, that did sound very reasonable.

“Students, I think that each of us should become a better version of ourselves.

So, no matter what kind of goal we have, its always right to broaden our horizons.

So, I still hope that students can visit Country X.

After you truly understand Country X, you will find that what I said is true.”

These words were spoken by Liu Mei in Country Xs language.

Liu Mei knew that the students present would not be able to understand.

Due to some historical reasons, the students were initially learning the language of Country E, so there were very few who could understand Country Xs language.

“Hey, hurry up and sit down.

Dont embarrass yourself here! I know that your studies have always been the best in the school, but theres no need to keep pushing out the new teachers!”

If it was not for Shi Qis voice in the corner, Yun Xi would have forgotten about this person.

After experiencing all sorts of things, Yun Xi did not expect that Shi Qi had not dropped out of school yet and was still studying in this school.

It was just that she could not stay in school anymore, so Shi Qi traveled to school every day and the school agreed.

If Shi Qi did not continue to cause trouble, Yun Xi originally planned to stay out of her way.

However, she did not expect that this person would come out like a fly and cause trouble for others! With one person, the other students also joined in.

“Thats right, thats right, dont embarrass yourself here! Could it be you can use the Country X language better than Teacher Liu Mei”

“Thats right.

Do you think you can be so disrespectful just because youre number one in the school Some people need to learn to have a good character.”


The students laughed one after another.

Shi Qi also revealed a provocative smile toward Yun Xi.

It was as if the resentment that she had accumulated in her heart for so many days had finally been vented.

“Liu Mei, please dont take things out of context.

I have never denied that a person should go out and see the outside world more often.

However, I feel that people cant always have the idea of leaving their own country to be able to stand out.”

“Since we were born in this country, then we should love this country.

Children dont mind their families being poor, and they will only think of ways to make their homes better and better.

We learn knowledge to better ourselves, not to become show off to others.”

These words were also said by Yun Xi in Country Xs language.

Yun Xi had once gone abroad to train for Zhou Mos business project for two years.

Yun Xis use of Country Xs language was also very standard.

Some of the students present who knew the language also shut their mouths.

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