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“Thats great! Its only a four-to-five-hour drive from here to the capital.

We should be able to make it in time for dinner! Ill call my father right now and ask them to order the capitals special cuisine in advance.

Ill let you all have a taste when the time comes.”

Although the words from Hu Guos mouth were very kind and generous, she also appeared to be high and mighty.

Deep down, Hu Guo still looked down on people like Yun Xi.

It just so happened that the self-admission exam had recently ended, so there was no doubt about Jing Yus strength.

Jing Yu had now moved to the city, so Yun Xi was relieved to leave some of the businesses in his hands for Jing Yu to manage.

She had Jing Yu and Qin Hais help, so Yun Xi felt like she had two more arms.

Now that she was going to the capital with everyone, Yun Xi did not have to worry about business in the city anymore.

Hu Guos father looked strong, with a pair of small smiling eyes hanging on his round face.

“Zhou Lin, Ive long heard of your name! Youre here in the capital today, so I definitely want to receive you well.”

Although he was wearing a military uniform, his words sounded like those of a businessman.

“Excuse me, Mr.

Hu has reserved a table for four, right”

They walked into a very famous roast duck restaurant in the capital.

The waiter stood at the door warmly to receive them.

“Yes! We dont like to be disturbed.

Please help me arrange a single room.”

Hu Quans attitude toward the waiter became very serious again.

He really treated different people differently.

Yun Xi finally saw such a face today.

“Okay! Please follow me to the second floor!”

The staff made a gesture and then took the lead to climb the stairs to the second floor.

Yun Xi looked at this shop and found that many places were no different from the 21st century.

This roast duck shop was already a shop with more than a hundred years of heritage.

Many of the things in the shop were valuable antiques that had been passed down since the Qing dynasty.

Other than replacing the tables and chairs, the shop in the 21st century was no different from what it was now.

However, looking at these old-fashioned wooden tables and chairs, Yun Xi felt like a lifetime had passed.

Hu Guo also glanced at Yun Xi and Zhou Lin from the corner of her eyes.

Zhou Lins expression was still indifferent as he followed Hu Quan forward.

Yun Xis gaze was active as she looked around.

Hu Guo was certain that she was a country bumpkin who had never seen the world before.

“Miss Yun Xi, this is your first time coming to a restaurant like this, right If theres anything youre not used to, feel free to tell me.

If theres anything you need help with, feel free to tell me.

Please feel at home.

Dont stand on ceremony.”

These words sounded beautiful and pleasant, but after carefully analysing them, Hu Guo had already distanced herself from Yun Xi.

Was she trying to use such a method to make Yun Xi back down!

This was childs play!

Yun Xi curled the corners of her lips in disdain.

Hu Guo, this woman, was thinking of it too simply!

This roast duck restaurants roast duck truly lived up to its reputation.

Just passing by someone elses private room, they could already smell the roast ducks fragrance.

As expected, what was passed down was the brand and not the craftsmanship.

The roast duck of the 21st century did not smell as enticing.

Of course, it could also be the ducks problem.

The ducks of the 21st century were all fast-growing ducks.

In the short term, they were raised with food that caused their bodies to expand rapidly.

They could not be compared to these ducks that were slowly cultivated by eating grass, small fish, and prawns.

“Then the four of us will have three ducks first! If its not enough later, well add more! We should first be frugal!”

Hu Quan put it very nicely and let the waiter serve three roast ducks first.

The words spoken by someone in a high position were watertight.

Hu Guo had completely inherited his fathers eloquence.

Like father, like daughter!

“You prodigal son, you still have the face to come back.

Lets see if Ill break your leg today!”

An old mans voice came from inside the private room.

The roast duck shop had a total of three floors.

The first floor had a few scattered seats in the lobby.

Most of the second floor had private rooms and a small kitchen.

The third floor was where the shop owner lived and was not open to the public.

Soon, Yun Xi heard the sound of crutches hitting the wooden stairs and the sound of hurried running.

“Anyway, this shop will be mine sooner or later! Whats wrong if you pass this shop to me now”

The voice of a young man echoed throughout the entire second floor.

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