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The king of Country D was already 66 this year.

However, the majestic imposing aura that he radiated did not weaken due to the increase of age.

On the contrary, it felt even more domineering as he had aged.

People would unconsciously feel in awe of him even though he was merely seated there without doing anything.

The Kings gaze was on Zi Yi and Lu Jingye when he spoke.

“Guests from China, welcome to the Palace.”

Lu Jingye said, “Thank you for the invitation.

My wife and I are honored.”

As a young master from China, Lu Jingye was still able to maintain his elegance and politeness.

Even when he was conversing with the king, he could keep his composure and answer fluently.

His behavior caused the princes and nobles of Country D to look at him in a different light.

After exchanging some pleasantries, the king tilted his head and said to Runge, “The two guests are more familiar with you.

Do take good care of them tonight.”

Runge answered, “I understand, Father.”

Just then, the orchestra changed to playing a different tune and the eldest prince stepped forward with a reminder.

“Father, the opening dance is up next.”

The king nodded his head and said to everyone, “Go ahead and enjoy yourselves.”

Having said that, he suddenly turned to look at Runge.

The meaning behind his look was for Runge to invite Zi Yi to the opening dance.

Runge stood there like a wooden block and remained motionless.

Lu Jingye extended his hand toward Zi Yi and she reciprocated by placing her hand in his.

Both of them joined the other pairs and moved toward the vacant space set aside for dancing.

Looking at Zi Yi and Lu Jingye who had already started to dance, the king said to Runge with a hint of disappointment, “Youre too cold.

You should be inviting a lady to a dance during moments like this.”

Runge remained standing there without speaking.

The king was not in his prime due to his age.

Therefore, after the opening dance ended, he exchanged a few more words with Lu Jingye and Zi Yi, and welcomed them to remain in Country D for a few more days before heading back to China.

The guests at the banquet did not immediately liven up upon the kings departure.

In fact, everyone never expected the king to specially remind Runge to entertain the guests.

Everyone had noticed the strange undercurrent between the eldest prince and the second prince.

Now that they saw the expressions of both princes, they noticed that they appeared a little gloomy.

Runge seemed as though he had not noticed their expressions.

He looked at Zi Yi and Lu Jingye who werent wearing any masks.

A strange feeling surged in his heart.

He waved for a maid and said, “Serve the wine.”

Soon, the maid returned with three glasses of wine.

Runge took one of the glasses first.

Following that, the maid turned to Lu Jingye and Zi Yi.

When Zi Yi and Lu Jingye had taken the glasses of wine, he went forward and said, “Let me make a toast to you.”

Lu Jingye and Zi Yi raised their glasses in his direction.

However, they did not touch glasses before each of them drank from their own glass.

Subsequently, everyone thought that Runge would start a conversation with Lu Jingye.

Unexpectedly, Runge, who finished drinking the alcohol, remained tight-lipped.

No one said a single thing during this period of time.

The air seemed to be frozen and the atmosphere became somewhat awkward.

Just then, the eldest prince suddenly laughed.

He laughed with great enthusiasm and said, “Mr.

Lu, Mrs.

Lu, please dont take my brothers personality to heart.

His temperament is just like that.”

Having said that, he called for his daughter and said to Zi Yi with a smile, “Mrs.

Lu, this is my daughter, Annette.

You two are around the same age so there should be common topics between the two of you.

Annette, do take good care of Mrs.


Annette looked like an adorable little princess.

She walked over to Zi Yi with a smile on her face, and gave her a warm hug before she said, “Mrs.

Lu, youre really pretty.”


Annette said, “We wont be interested in the conversations they will talk about.

Let me bring you elsewhere.”

After she said that, she dragged Mrs.

Lu elsewhere to another side.

Annette treated her with great enthusiasm and Zi Yi did not reject her advances, as she allowed Annette to drag her away.

As soon as Zi Yi left, the others also started to react.

Soon, Lu Jingye was surrounded by a large group of people.

Everyone was exchanging pleasantries with him.

Runge who had remained silent all along had been isolated from the group.

However, he paid no heed and turned to leave.

Zi Yi was pulled into the girl group by Annette.

Within this group were daughters of the princes and nobles of Country D and they were the cream of the crop.

When they saw Zi Yi coming over, all of them expressed great enthusiasm.

“The faces of the ladies in China are so small.


Lu, if not for the fact that I know youre already married, I would have thought that you were fourteen.”


Lu, youre the prettiest woman Ive ever seen.

Youre just like a barbie.”

While everyone was chatting merrily, it seemed as though their relationship had become closer.

Soon, someone brought up the topic of Zi Yis talent in robotics.

“The robot competition held this year was really so exciting.

I heard that Moonlight, the robot China displayed this year, was something that Zi Yi had created together with the national team.

Zi Yi, since youre so talented in the robotics field, have you ever thought of studying abroad at D.Uni”

“The Engineering School of D.Uni is top tier.

They are ranked first worldwide in terms of robotics.

If you come over, you will be sure to develop your skills even further.”

“Thats right.

If you can come to D.Uni to study, we will definitely be able to meet up more often.”

“If you study at D.Uni, youll certainly win first place in every single robot competition.

Moreover, the robot research lab in our country will also be very welcoming of you.”

Zi Yi finally saw through them.

There was clearly a motive for why they were treating her with such great enthusiasm.

She raised her wine glass and swirled it around before she said, “M.Unis Engineering School is also pretty good and I am fond of the scholarly atmosphere at M.Uni.”

The scholarly atmosphere at M.Uni was indeed something other schools could not compare to.

However, every university has its own characteristics.

When everyone heard the reason Zi Yi gave, they could not quite understand what she meant.

“The academic atmosphere in D.Uni is good too and many researchers have graduated from there.

The various facilities are also incomparable to M.Uni.

Is Mrs.

Lu planning to reject the thought of D.Uni just because of the scholarly atmosphere there”

That was just too incomprehensible for them.

Zi Yi smiled at the person who asked the question.

“Of course, its more than that.

China has ancient poems that even young children know of.

A thread in my fond mothers hand is moving, working for her son to wear the clothes before departure.

With her whole heart, she continued sewing, for dread that her son would be delayed in coming back.

Who knows if the heart of this young sprout can ever repay the springs warm sunshine No matter how nice it is in the outside world, it isnt the hometown I have lived in.


Speaking of this, Zi Yi slightly raised her chin and said with a confident look, “The reputation of number one wont always remain here.”

When the noble ladies heard what Zi Yi said, the smiles on their faces stiffened.

They felt that Zi Yi was too confident.

Her confidence made her come across as too arrogant and could it truly be someone with her personality that was spoken of in the rumors that were spread around outside

Someone was unconvinced and questioned Zi Yi, “Your M.Uni is lacking in many facilities and even if you are skilled, you cant possibly create whatever you want.

How are you planning to make M.Uni the number one university”

“I can create the things I want, do you think I wont be able to create the equipment I need”


Everyone felt that they were unable to continue the conversation with Zi Yi.

She was too arrogant and her words made them flare up.

In fact, Zi Yi had no intention to continue chatting with these ladies who approached her with other motives.

She said to Annette, “Its too warm here, I wish to get some air outside.”

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