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Xu Yuandeng nodded.

His words were directed at everyone, but he looked coldly at Royal Consort Jin Zhi, Royal Consort Sun Mi, and Qiao Yanqi, who were standing behind the Eldest Princess.

“Are you all sure that the person lying on the ground is my mother, Xu Qing”

For a moment, they suddenly fell silent.

No one dared to speak.

Although they had received news that this woman was 100% Xu Qing, or else they wouldnt have gathered everyone here intentionally, for some reason, at this moment, they suddenly felt a little flustered.

Xu Yuandengs gaze made them tremble.

This child was only three years old, but his gaze was as cold as Qiao Yanhuis!

This made the people who were already intimidated by Qiao Yanhui feel even more afraid.

No one dared to say that this person was Xu Qing.

Xu Yuandeng was very satisfied with the effect he had achieved and smirked slightly.

“Since no one thinks that this person is my mother, lets go.

Although shes an unimportant person, shes a woman after all.

We should save her some of her dignity.

Of course, if I hear any rumors about my mother, your entire family will have to suffer the consequences.

Be it my father or me, we wont let you off!”

Although Xu Yuandengs tone of voice was cold, he still sounded childishly cute.

However, even so, no one dared to laugh or doubt Xu Yuandengs words.

The War God doted on his children and Xu Qing very much.

If Xu Yuandeng really whispered something in the War Gods ear, their entire families would be exterminated! At that time, it would be impossible for them to negotiate with him.

“Wait!” How could Qiao Yanqi let Xu Qing off just like that How could she be willing to let this go It was a trap she put so much effort into, so how could she let Xu Qing escape unscathed! Even if she couldnt kill Xu Qing today, she had tp ruin Xu Qings reputation and shake her position.

When the Eldest Princess heard this, she immediately looked at Qiao Yanqi coldly.

Qiao Yanqi couldnt help but lower her head dejectedly.

“Aunt, Im doing this for my sister-in-laws sake.

If I dont clarify it in person, Im afraid there will be people gossiping behind her back.

At that time, even if we want to catch those people who spread the rumors, we probably wont be able to catch them.

How can we stop people from gossiping In the end, Brother Hui will be the one who gets hurt…”

The Eldest Princess snorted softly, but she didnt refute Qiao Yanqi.

This was because she also knew very well that rumors were the hardest to clarify.

“So you think this woman is my mother” Xu Yuandeng pointed at the woman lying on the ground.

“I didnt say that.” Qiao Yanqi naturally wouldnt admit it.

If it really wasnt her, wouldnt she be hated by Brother Hui How could that do She still had to win Brother Huis heart bit by bit.

“What do you think, Eldest Sister-in-law and Second Sister-in-law” Qiao Yanqi looked at the two consorts.

Now was the best time to pull Xu Qing down from her high horse! She didnt believe that these two wouldnt be tempted.

How could they be willing to watch Xu Qing escape just like that They might be able to set Xu Qing up this time since Xu Qing was off guard, but it would be difficult for them to do it again.

Therefore, she couldnt let Xu Qing off today.

She believed that Jin Zhi and Sun Mi wouldnt watch this opportunity slip away either.

Although Jin Zhi and Sun Mi didnt understand why Qiao Yanqi wanted Xu Qing dead, their goals were the same.

They only thought that Qiao Yanqi was dissatisfied with her brother choosing a useless village girl.

“Thats right.

This matter should indeed be clarified.

There are many people today, so its inevitable that there will be discussions.

The Generals wifes innocence is more important than anything else,” The two of them chuckled as they said.

“Since the three of you think that this person is my mother, as her son, Ill go take a look personally.

Of course, Ill put the word out in advance.

If this woman isnt my mother, dont blame me for being ruthless,” Xu Yuandeng said again.

After saying that, Xu Yuandeng strode over.

He didnt gently flip over the woman lying on the ground as everyone had imagined.

Instead, he kicked the woman on the ground over on her back.

This stunned everyone.

Did he have a grudge against her or something Why did he kick her so ruthlessly Was this her biological son

However, in the next second, everyone became extremely shocked because they saw that the woman lying on the ground wasnt Xu Qing at all! It was just a woman with Xu Qings figure! Moreover, this person was one of their people!

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