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Qin Xi pretended to be in a difficult position.

“How about this Give me the deed first and well sign it.

I happen to have a bankbook of 3,000 yuan with me.

Ill give it to you.

Then, you can come with me to get the land contract, ok”

3,000 yuan

Qin Guobiao and Li Guihua were dumbfounded.

They had lived for so long but had never seen 3,000 yuan.

It would be a lie to say that they were not excited.

Qin Hongtao, who was originally cowering in the corner, became even more excited.

He suddenly jumped up, his eyes shining and his lips trembling with excitement.

“Wheres the money”

Qin Guobiao was not blinded by money.

He asked warily, “Why do you have so much money with you”

Qin Xi shrugged and said frankly, “I wanted the villagers to go up the mountain to help pick fruits today.

This is their salary!”

“Ill use this 3,000 yuan as collateral.

As long as you sign it, this money will be yours.”

Qin Guobiao felt that something was wrong.

He was threatening Qin Xi to take out the property rights to the orchard.

Why did Qin Xi suddenly want this house

However, at the thought that Qin Xi would give them 3,000 as collateral, he did not think too much about it.

He pondered for a moment and nodded in agreement.

However, although he agreed, the deed was still in the house, and there was something in the house that terrified him, so he hesitated.

Li Guihuas face turned pale and she said with a trembling voice, “The deed is in the house, but the house is haunted.

If you want to get it, go and get it yourself.”

Qin Xi said nonchalantly, “Sure, where is it”

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