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When Qin Guobiao heard her call him Old Qin, his heart skipped a beat and a trace of coldness flashed across his eyes.

He said calmly, “You sassy girl.

Its indeed time to teach you a lesson.”

At this moment, Li Guihua also looked like she was watching a good show.

She shouted at Zhang Cuiyun to go up and help them.

“Cuiyun, go and help them too.

I think the little b*tch has gained a lot of weight recently.

Dont let her hurt my precious granddaughter-in-laws.”

Her words were as disgusting as her fake kindness just now.

“Heh, you really havent changed at all.

Youre still as shameless as ever!” Qin Xi sneered in her heart.

Lin Keke, Xu Wan, and Zhang Cuiyun surrounded Qin Xi and said with a sinister smile, “Cut the crap.

No one will save you today even if you shout your lungs out! Little b*tch, youd better lick my shoes obediently!”

The person who spoke was Xu Wan.

As she spoke, Qin Xi remembered that Xu Wan had once asked the Host to lick the soles of her shoes.

This memory was actually a little blurry to Qin Xi.

She did not know if it was because the Host did not want to remember the humiliation she had suffered in the past or if she had forgotten about it.

If not for Xu Wans reminder, Qin Xi really would not have remembered this.

“Lick your shoes” Qin Xi smiled, but her eyes were filled with coldness.

“Indeed, its time to settle the score with you.”

Hearing her words, for some reason, Xu Wans eyelids twitched.

However, she did not think too much about it.

After all, Qin Xi was like a turtle in a jar now.

They could do whatever they wanted.

At the thought of this, the three of them gave each other a look and pounced on Qin Xi.

They wanted to grab her hair and scratch her face, and the most disgusting thing…

From the corner of her eye, Qin Xi saw Xu Wan squatting down and reaching out to pull down Qin Xis pants.

Qin Xi suddenly remembered something disgusting from her blurry memories.

Although the person at that time was not Xu Wan, that memory still frightened the Host and made her fall sick for two to three days.

This person was Qin Lans father, Qin Hongshan, who had not shown up for a long time.

Her eyes suddenly turned cold, and she kicked out without hesitation.

Xu Wan screamed and rolled on the ground like a potato, clutching her stomach in pain.

Then, she slapped Lin Keke and Zhang Cuiyun on the face.

Their faces instantly swelled up like a pigs head, and two of their teeth even fell out.

The three of them were defeated before they could even touch the corner of Qin Xis clothes.

The Qin family was stunned for a moment.

Qin Xi did not give them a chance to react.

She picked up the shovel at the side and shoveled a pile of soil onto the dining table.

In an instant, the people around the table were covered in dirt and ate a mouthful of soil.

This time, Qin Guobiao, Li Guihua, and the others were so angry that they almost had a brain hemorrhage.

The old ladys face was covered in dirt and she was in a sorry state.

She pointed at Qin Xi with a trembling finger and shouted fiercely, “Kill this little bastard.

All of you, attack and hold her down.

Ill let her know the consequences of angering me today!”

Qin Xi still had a cheeky smile on her face.

“If you have the ability, you can try.”

It was provocation, blatant provocation.

This time, the Qin family couldnt take it anymore.

Qin Gang, Qin Ling, and Qin Feng used the same tactic.

In the end, they were still sent flying away before they could touch the corner of Qin Xis clothes.

In an instant, the Qin family was in a mess.

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