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I entered inside, and before reaching the center of the circle, as I did, I gently tapped on the ground.

The next second, a beautifully complex circular formation appeared on the floor.

This is my breakthrough formation; I have been working on it for more than a year and a half, constantly refining it with every change.

Now, it had transformed into a work of art that any rune-master would appreciate.

I looked at the formation before waving my hand, and the resources appeared, so much and so precious that even Grand Lord would be shocked seeing them.

Especially the resources like nine-colored matter, some of which I had brought out, but I dont know whether it will be any of us.

It is true that it held perfect compatibility with my core; it is the resource that represents it more, but I dont think it will consume it in this breakthrough.

I was not going to bring it but decided to take it out If my core would use the resource.

Aside from the nine-colored resource, there are other precious resources, purple soul tresaie, and blood vigor roots; they are very powerful resources representing the soul and body, and they are at the Grand Lord grade; I had to trade quite a lot of things for these two.

There are many other precious resources which I had traded and found, many of them being Grand Lord class.

Still, over 75% of herbal resources were provided by my own core; I had planted the resources I had needed for my breakthrough.

Most important among them all are twenty-four blood-soul stainless lotuses and six metal essence fruits I had especially cultivated for my breakthrough.

The resources have a shocking value that not many High-Grandmasters would be able to collect on their own, even if they searched for decades.

I was only able to do that became of special circumstances and a few unique abilities.

Aside from the herbal resources, there are other resources present here as well; the most important are twelve thumbnail-size violet-colored crystals.

These are aznir crystals; they contain vast amount of mellowed energy that any powerhouse could consume easily.

I am very lucky that I found these crystals; I had different huge-size crystals in mind, but to my luck, I had found them in the storage of the Grimm.

The bastard had one hundred and nine crystals; I dont know where the bastard had found them in such number.

They are more valuable than the divine crystals; the energy contained in them is not only very powerful but could also be absorbed by anyone.

I will not be getting any energy from outside; not even worldly energy, as this place is isolated, so no worldly energy.

Even if I had access to worldly energy, it wouldnt have been enough; I would need something more.

Thankfully, with the time I had, I have prepared for everything.

Seeing everything was perfect, I did not waste any time and sat down in the center of the formation before activating it.


The formation activated, and the next second, I found myself lifting up in the air as the formation began to fold, and in just seven seconds, the formation turned spherical with runes and resources in every direction.

As the formation turned into the green from the while; I initiated the breakthrough inside me.

I looked at the majestic inheritance blueprint for one last time before I repelled back out as the breakthrough initiated inside me.

The essence begins to extract from the formation, while some which were already filtered begin to mix some.

Some essence had poured themselves into the runes and began to climb into my body.

While the long time I needed with the Inheritance had a lot of disadvantages, there are some advantages as well.

I got a long time working on the things like breakthrough formations when I was stuck on Inheritance.

I worked for a long time on this and created something I am really proud of.

The first thing breakthrough formations should do to aid in a breakthrough is increase the chances of the host who is breaking through.

Second, it should be efficient; not all people have a lot of resources to waste, and consuming extra resources come with its own cost.

So, efficiency matters a lot, but it should not come at the cost of safety; breakthroughs kill people, higher the level, the greater the chance of breakthrough there will be.

I have created many safety measures; that, if I somehow fail, will help me save my life.

Though I will not fail, I have not worked so hard for years to fail.

Aside from these two elements, I have added another one that most people would consider risky, speed.

Ask anyone, from Knights to Grand Lord, and they will tell you that a slow and steady breakthrough is safest, and they are right, but there are some processes that could be made fast without sacrificing any element of the breakthrough, like extraction and merging of resources.

I have made some things a little faster; the speed is especially helpful in a place like this where every minute count.

The essences extracted from the resources began to merge, while the few groups of essences that had already merged had filled the runes and began to climb over me.

Already half of my body had been filled with the runes, and more were climbing over me as the runes got filled with the resources.

The process is quite fast, and it is not due to just formation but also the fire that makes the extraction of essence a smooth process.

I have brought the kindle of fire from my core, which is helping a lot not only in extraction but also in merging.

Time passed, and soon, all the resources dissolved and merged into the runes, and those runes climbed over me; there was not a single place where there were no runes; even my irises were not spared.


As the formations climbed over me, they lit up, and an immense amount of herbal energy entered inside me; sensing it, my core which had turned a colorful blob of liquid, began to spin.

As it did, all the herbal energies came inside my body fast before moving toward the core.

A second later, the core begins to consume a huge amount of herbal energies of all types; the more it consumes, the faster it would spin.

I have used a large amount of powerful precious resources containing a massive amount of energy, which will take some time for my core to absorb.

Time passed as my core spin; each spin would be faster than before and would let it consume more energy.

Now every second, it is consuming enough energy that the High-Grandmaster would be horrified if such an amount of powerful energies entered inside them.

It will kill them.

Thirty-seven minutes passed, and finally, my core had finished absorbing all the herbal energy it needed, 98.9% of the energies that I had prepared; the only thing that remained untouched was the nine-colored matter, which is hardly surprising.

I am quite accurate in my estimation of the energies I would need and felt quite great seeing the number of herbal energies I have consumed more than Bishop; I wonder how that bastard would feel knowing that.

Especially when it is not even a breakthrough of the Grand Lord but a Grandmaster.

He would die of shame.

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