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“Grand Lord,”

People said in unison as Bishop got up; some bowed, some kneeled, while I only looked at him with a smile.

He might have become a Grand Lord, but he still hadnt earned my respect for me to bow, much less kneel in front of me.

“Congratulations, Lord Bishop,” I said as he appeared in front of me.

“Thank you, Grandmaster.

I wouldnt have been able to succeed without your help,” he said with a clear hint of awkwardness.

I dont think he ever thought he would say such words to me.

Hence the awkwardness.

I only smiled; he nodded at me and walked toward the old man Norman and the others; they all were happy, ecstatic.

The value of the Grand Lord is huge; his appearance had immediately changed many factors in our direction.

I hope he is not the only Grand Lord we have made till now because I know the Grimm had two here, and there may be more.

While the other congratulated him, I looked at the gates; the few Grimms were leaving this place.

Thankfully, they are only Grandmasters; with them, I am able to stop the news; I could do it with some High-Grandmasters, though it will be expensive.

Those seed bombs are not easy to create.

‘If you are planning to leave, leave early; I would not be able to control the news of your breakthrough for long, I said to Bishop, which immediately stopped him in his tracks, and a visible frown appeared on his face as he looked at the gates and Grimms.

“Thank you, everyone, for your good wishes, but I will be leaving now,” said Bishop before he appeared in front of me.

“Thank you; you have no idea how grateful I am for what you did to me,” he said and disappeared; the next second, he appeared by the exit door and walked inside.

The Grimm Grand Lord could afford to stay inside, but not us humans; who know what is happening outside The Grand Lords Grimms had hidden, and The Grand Lords they have produced here must have joined the battles.

I cant imagine the pressure they must be feeling right now.

“Grandmaster, I hope you will be able to help me when the time comes,” said Lord Norman.

“If you made all the preparation, you wouldnt need my help, but I will be there,” I replied.

“That is all I ask,” he said with a smile.

I stayed out for a few minutes, talking to Lord Normal, Lady Veronica, and others, before walking back into my abode, while many left for the next challenge, wanting to get as much boost as possible.

In my abode, I laid down on the couch and entered my core, and started to work on my inheritance.

The breakthrough gave me huge inspiration and data; that made me more confident in my success.

To be honest, I wanted to try right now, and there was a high chance I would succeed, but I did want to be hasty.

I have waited for years, and what is few more days; I will level up after making all the preparations and leave this damned place where I had stayed long enough.

One and a half hours passed, and I got up from the couch with a satisfied smile on my face.

I heated the food I had cooked earlier and ate it before walking out of my abode; there were less than ten minutes before the gates closed, and barely any people had left.

I put the abode in my storage and walked toward the gate; I chose the blue door that would take me to the next challenge rather than the grey one, which I really wanted to choose.

It will take me outside, but there is no use going out of that door without having the power of the Grand Lord; I hadnt forgotten what had happened when I tried to enter that thing; I had gotten attacked.

The last time I survived, it would be hard this time; the Grimms would be much better prepared.


I shook my head and about and about to open the door when something happened blue door; the silver vine-like lines began to appear over a huge door, and in a matter of seconds, the whole door got covered in the beautiful design but looking at it.

Everybody is looking at the center of the door, where a number is flashing in a golden light.

“The final seven,” said the human behind me, and struggle appeared on his face as he looked between the blue door and the grey door.

‘The final seven have begun, I said, and I truly wish they had started a little early.

The final seven are the last seven challenges; they are the most difficult and sometimes very dangerous that many people hesitate to enter them, but being the final seven, the reward they are offered are incomparable; the people who survive them make the most progress in these challenges.

I looked around and saw the Grimms and humans displaying varied emotions seeing the door; some looked excited, while the others were visibly scared that they had moved toward the grey door.

The information about past challenges is available to them; they know how difficult these challenges are and how easy it is to lose their lives in these seven challenges.

Aside from the obvious danger, there is also a factor of unpredictability.

Once entered, there is no possibility that one will be able to get out after finishing the next challenge; like now, the exit door is not present at every end of the challenge.

At one time it had not appeared till the last challenge; that challenge had killed a lot of people, both Grimm and humans, but it had also produced most Grand Lords ever.

I looked at them with hesitation because if something like that happened, then I would be stuck for at least three weeks, and I wanted to get out in three days, right after I made a breakthrough, but getting out now, also possessed its own risk.

Even if I did not make a breakthrough, the Grimms considered me enough risk that they would attack me, and as I had said, the last time I was lucky, this time I would not be the Grimm would not dare to underestimate my abilities this time.

Not to mention breakthrough here is easier than the outside; earlier, when Bishop was leveling up, the will of the world came at last

I looked at two doors with hesitation, once again trying to choose between them.

“Move aside, Zaar; there are some who are not afraid of these challenges,” said a Grimm as it swaggered toward me.

I looked at the unknown Golden Fire Werewolf and moved away, and I could see the victorious smirk appearing on its face as it passed by me.

I am not the one who gets angry at such silly gestures, but I am going to kill this bastard.

A few minutes passed, and Grimms and Humans chose the doors and left through them till I was the only one remaining in the clearing.

“The hell with it!” I said and walked toward the blue door; there was no other choice.

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