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My seed entered inside his core, and the things I saw couldnt help but surprise me.

I wanted to say there was no saving him and call back my seed, but I controlled my seed to go deeper.

The pressure on it increased as the seed went deeper; it is not such the pressure, but the chaotic-ness itself began to attack the seed mercilessly.

The level of the attacks is stronger than the all-out attack of Bishop, very close to an attack from Grand Lord.

It had cost me a lot to create the seed, but seeing how it is bearing it all, I know all the resources I have spent on it are worth it.

I sent the seed deeper and deeper, searching for the cause of the imbalance; till now, I did not see even a slight smile that would help me deduce the cause, but I am willing to look.

I hope that it did not take too much time, as the chaotic-ness inside the seed is increasing by the second.

While I have brought some time by lessening the flow of source energies, the time will not last forever.

I quickly need to find the reason for the imbalance and try to fix it; it is the only way to save his life.

‘Have you found anything asked Bishop; he couldnt remain quiet forever.

It is his life on the line, his future for which he had worked so hard; he cares more than he cares for his ego.

‘No, I replied and continued looking.


More than a minute had passed, and things had become more chaotic in his core that they had begun to press hard against my seed when my seed finally sensed something.

I immediately asked it to follow it, and a couple of seconds later, I got a look at it.

‘Go closer, I said to myself and moved the seed toward that thing.

‘So, that is what it is, I said as I reached closer, and I wish I could say I was surprised.

This reason is one of the biggest reasons for failures for people like him; I dont know why he hadnt tried to fix it before he started this level-up.

I did not say anything to him and instead activated a couple of investigative formations in the seed; while I know what it is, I dont know much other than that the diagnostics formations will help me with that.

‘Did you suffer any problem when you formed the core I asked,No, the formation of my core was perfect, he replied a moment later.

‘Really I asked back,Yes, there was no pr, he replied back, this time quite angry, when suddenly he stopped.

‘The only problem I could think of is a small glitch; it appeared for less than a second before everything resumed smoothly, he replied, now sounding a little uncertain.

‘And did you try to investigate it after I asked,Of course I did.

I know what it could do to my future; I investigated it many times, even took help from the sky lord, but did not find any problem,

‘My breakthroughs after that had also gone smoothly, so I did not think there was a problem, he replied with a faint hint of anger, and this time it was not directed at me.

‘Well, there was a problem and this breakthrough widened that tiny problem by thousands of time, I said and sent him the visual.

He did not say anything, but I could sense the upheaval in his emotions seeing the problem.

‘C..can you fix it he asked a couple of seconds later with clear hesitation and a very faint hint of pleading.

‘Yes, I could, but it will be very expensive, I replied, it will be hard, but I have confidence I will be able to do it, especially after sacrificing the seed.

‘Dont worry about the price; I will pay you triple, quadruple.

Just fix it, he replied with a hint of pleading that unconsciously seeped in his voice.

‘I will remember that, I said and connected him to the live feed.

The seed is really expensive, and I dont want him to go back on his promise tomorrow, saying I had asked too much for the problem I fixed.

For nearly a minute, nothing had happened before twenty-seven pink runic chains came out of the seed, and they went toward those huge cracks causing the instability.

There is a powerful storm of energy around the cracks, but the runic chains are strong enough to bear.

I am powering those chains by burning the power inside the seed.

Buzz Buzz Buzz

Within a few seconds, the twenty-seven chains got connected to the parts of the cracks before the formations activated.

As the formation activated, the chains began to pull the cracks, narrowing them slowly.

It might seem like a crude and harsh approach, but it is the best one, and it is already working.

I could sense the change appearing in the chaotic-ness as the crack narrowed.


Finally, the cracks came close enough that even chains could not remain on them when finally, the seed buzzed along with chains.

What happened next was surprising to Bishop.

My seed begins to melt; it is not just my seed but also the chains connected to it.

As they melt, they begin to fill the cracks.

I have narrowed down the crack, but if I left it just as it is, then it wouldnt take more than a minute for it to start widening, and this time it will bring even greater choice.

So, it is better I fix the cracks, which will solve the problem forever.

It took more than two minutes, but the problem had finally been fixed, and chaos in the core had lessened so much that one could barely fill it.

‘You did it, said Bishop in shock; I am a little angry at his tone.

He should not have been shocked; if I say, I could do it, then I will do it; there is no question about that.

‘There are now two options ahead of you, I said to him directly;First is to continue with a breakthrough; after what your core suffered, your chances had lessened considerably.

If any problem came, it would be huge, so much that even I wouldnt be able to fix it,

‘There is a very high chance, you will die suffering the failure,

‘The second option is to stop the breakthrough; you will receive a backlash, but I guarantee you that there will not be permanent damage,

‘You will be able to able to try for a second time in future, I said.

For a few seconds, I did not receive any answer, but that is to be expected, given the weight of the choices.

‘The backlash will have put me out for at least a year, with my strength suffering considerably, right he asked heavily.

‘Yes, you are about right, I said, not all surprised he was able to deduce that much.

‘What is the use then Even after I succeed a year later, it will be useless; I need to be Grand Lord right now, it is the only way, I could aid my race, he said, not to me, but to himself.

‘Open the seal, Zaar; I will continue with my breakthrough, he said, and for the first time, I couldnt help but feel respect for him.

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