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“Dont you feel embarrassed about pushing the opportunity away” Liu Qian turned to hand Huo Yao a glass of warm water.

“You have three days to write the thesis and submit it to me.”

Since there was no saying no, Huo Yao finally responded.


Liu Qian disregarded the miserable look on her face and continued.

“As for the second matter, do you remember DO Corporation They are probably sending someone to talk to us in a few days.”

Huo Yao replied in a disinterested tone.

“Why dont you talk to them Im not good at conversations.”

Liu Qians cheeks twitched.

He knew she was just acting dumb again.

“You dont have to talk to them.

They have sent us their database and want us to take a look at it first.”

Liu Qian paused before he said, “DO Corporation is interested in the AI system we built for the institute last year.

Before we proceed, we need the institute to give authorization.”

Huo Yao knew how patents worked, so she did not ask further.

She did not care as long as she did not have to speak to the representative from DO Corporation personally.

She nodded and said, “Fine.

Send me the database so that I can check it out.”

When she finally agreed, a cunning smile swept across Liu Qians face.

He had lost a lot of sleep in the past couple of days since he was worried Huo Yao might refuse to join the project.

He turned to walk up in front of his desk, opened the drawer, and retrieved a thumb drive.

He turned back and handed it to Huo Yao.

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