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[On the 53rd day, after staying in Mount Jelei for three days, Great Sage Demon Bull took you and left.

[Great Sage Demon Bull wasnt resting here because he missed his wife.

Instead, he was resting to recover from the old injuries.

The demons he would face next werent easy to deal with.

If they really fought, he would definitely be at a disadvantage since he was injured like Great Sage Heaven Battering.

[Therefore, all the Demon Sages worked together to help the injured Demon Sages recover from their injuries.

Although they hadnt fully recovered, they were still much stronger than before.

[On this day, Great Sage Demon Bull led the Demon Sages to search for a long time near a mountain.


Ventilation, the Six-Eared Macaque you mentioned isnt here,” said Great Sage Demon Bull to Great Sage Ventilation.

[The Six-Eared Macaque was as powerful as Sun Wukong.

In this world, it must be a Demon Sage.

“Big Brother, I remember that this fellow was cultivating in seclusion in this mountain.

I dont know why, but he probably went out…”

[Great Sage Ventilation wasnt too sure either.

It remembered that the Six-Eared Macaque was there.

Why was he nowhere to be seen

[Seeing that all the Demon Sages were confused, you knew that your chance to reveal your profound knowledge had come.

“I think the Six-Eared Macaque knew we were coming, so he ran away.”

Upon hearing this, Great Sage Demon Bull glared at you and asked, “Do you mean that theres a spy among us whos leaking information to the outside world”

[If you didnt know what the Six-Eared Macaque was capable of, your words would have been very suspicious of trying to sow discord.

[You said unhurriedly, “There are five Immortals in this cycle of Heaven, Earth, God, Man, and Ghost.

There were five Insects-Naiyan, Scale, Hair, Feather, and Kun.

The Six-Eared Macaque is not a Sky, Earth, God, Human, or Ghost.

Its not a Kun, Scale, Hair, Feather, or Insects-Naiyan.

Its one of the Four Monkeys of Chaos.”

[All the Demon Sages looked at you in admiration.

It was really not easy for such a cultured person like you to appear in their Demon race.

[Great Sage Demon Bulls supporting role was very good, and he hurriedly asked, “What are the Four Monkeys of Chaos”

[You pondered for a moment and then said, “The first is the Spiritual Stone Monkey.

It can change forms, recognize the weather, and the terrain.

It can even move the stars.

Sun Wukong is the Spiritual Stone Monkey.

[Under the admiring gazes of the demons, you continued.

“The second is the Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey.

It knows human affairs, is good at coming and going, and avoids death and extends life.

“The third is the Long-Armed Ape Monkey, taking the sun and moon, shrinking a thousand mountains, distinguishing between no blame, and playing with the universe.

“As for the fourth one is the Six-Eared Macaque were looking for.

This monkey is good at listening, can sense reason, knows the beginning and the end, and can understand everything.

This Six-Eared Macaque must have used some kind of supernatural power to eavesdrop on our conversation.

He doesnt want to join the Demon Alliance, so he ran away in advance.”

[After hearing what you said, all the Demon Sages were furious.

[The Six-Eared Macaque did not even give them face.

He did not even meet them before running away.

“Damn it, that monkey has such abilities.

If we cant use him, hell become a huge problem for us,” Great Sage Demon Bull said anxiously.

[You thought for a moment and then said, “We dont have to look for Six-Eared Macaque.

Hell have to fight Sun Wukong sooner or later.

When that time comes, Im afraid we wont have to look for him.

Hell come to us himself.

Dont you think so”

[You could say this to the Demon Sages at any time, but when you said the last sentence, you were clearly looking at the distant horizon.

[On a huge mountain tens of thousands of miles away from this mountain, a monkey that looked no different from an ordinary monkey suddenly had a dazed look in its eyes.

The aura around its body suddenly changed.


Who is this fellow Ive listened to the three realms, but I cant find any information about me.

He knows me like the back of his hand and can even tell that I am eavesdropping

[The Six-Eared Macaque was confused.

[One had to know that this divine ability of his had never been discovered by anyone since his birth.

[He often eavesdropped on the Buddhas and the Jade Emperors discussions, and he had never been discovered.

[Now that you exposed his background, the Six-Eared Macaque felt a strong sense of danger.

‘Hmph! What bullsh*t Demon Alliance When I go to Sun Wukong and take revenge for what happened in the past, I will devour his origin of chaos and be the king of this world…

[The Six-Eared Macaque snorted and disappeared from the mountain.]

[Since the search for the Six-Eared Macaque was unsuccessful, Great Sage Demon Bull led you forward.

[After arriving at the Small Thunderclap Temple, Great Sage Demon Bull found a human child in the Demon King realm, so he didnt pay any attention to it.

[You, on the other hand, remembered that the Maitreya Buddhas golden cymbals and human bag were both in the hands of this yellow-browed old monk.

[Therefore, you entered the Small Thunderclap Temple and knocked out the yellow-browed old monk before he could react.

Then, you took the two Dharma treasures.

[After that, you arrived at the Womens Kingdom.

[When you came here, you accidentally discovered that the entire territory of theWomens Kingdom had been sealed off by a formation, repelling all male creatures.

[Of course, this kind of formation was naturally useless against Demon Sages like you.

[If it were an ordinary demon, even if it was at the Demon King realm, as long as it was a male, it would not be able to enter the Womens Kingdom.

[When you came here, you thought of the love story of General Toad and the Great Elder of the Womens Kingdom, who was now the Jade Emperors concubine.

[The Womens Kingdom was definitely not simple.

[The moment you saw the Ruler of the Womens Kingdom, all the beautiful women felt inferior to her.

[There were many words in the world that could describe beauty, but they were not enough to describe the beauty of Jinzhi Yuye.

You listen carefully and know her name.]

[You followed the Demon Sages to a cave abode next to the Womens Kingdom.

“Female Scorpion, I can feel it.

Your Grandpa Bull is here…” Great Sage Demon Bull stood at the entrance of the cave and said in a very domineering manner.

[Obviously, Great Sage Demon Bull was very familiar with the Scorpion Demoness in the cave.

“Oh, I was wondering who it was.

Isnt this Great Sage Demon Bull Whats the matter Last time, you wanted to force yourself on me and ran away in the end.

Youre here to get beaten up again”

[The voice of a girl full of temptation came from the cave.

[Then, a green-robed woman walked out.

[The Scorpion Demoness was dumbfounded when she saw nine Demon Sages outside.

[Great Sage Demon Bull was rendered speechless.

[He had the same problem that all men had—lust.

That day, when he saw the Scorpion Demoness beauty and her cultivation level as a Demon Sage, he wanted to get her.

[Who knew that the Scorpion Demoness combat strength was actually on par with his What was even more outrageous was that the Scorpion Demoness used poison.

[Great Sage Demon Bull had been covered in bruises and escaped in a sorry state.

This was also one of his few dark histories.

“Whats wrong I heard that the great Bull King has become the King of all Demons.

Are you trying to snatch me back”

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