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[The Black Bear Demon was not to blame for this.

There were all kinds of demons in the Journey to the West.

[However, there were not many demons who sincerely worshiped Buddha.

[And the Black Bear Demon was one of them.

Usually, he would abstain from eating and did not look like a great demon at all.

[The most important thing was that the Blackwind Cave had been named for thousands of years.

If they were talking about usurping the name, it would definitely be you who usurped the name.

[However, there was another principle in this world, and that was that whoever had the bigger fist was right.

“Fine, fine.

I wont make things difficult for you because youre an honest demon.

With your cultivation level, its a pity for you to stay here.

Are you willing to return to the mountain with me and join my army” you asked the Black Bear Demon.

[At first, you wanted to use the Black Bear Demon to kill Tang Sanzang by accident.

But after seeing the silly character of this fellow and his decent strength, you immediately dispelled this idea.

[You had changed your way of thinking.

You wanted to see what would happen when Tang Sanzang came here after you got rid of the monster.

“Ah… Your Majesty, I only want to devote myself to Buddhism…”

[The Black Bear Demon still wanted to struggle.

[You gave the White Bone Spirit and the White-Faced Fox King a look.

[Finally, after the two demons joined forces to fight, the Black Bear Demon joined your army.

[On the 50th day, after you subdued the Black Bear Demon, you flew all the way to Blackwind Cave.

On the way, you saw Zhu Bajie, who was entrenched in Gao Laozhuang, Huang Fenglings Yellow Wind Demon, and Monk Sha in the Quicksand River.

After confirming that all the disasters were over, you returned to your cave dwelling.

[In the Blackwind Cave, the entire upper-level combat power had increased by a lot with the addition of the Black Bear Demon.

[To your surprise, General Toad had successfully awakened his ancient Golden Toad bloodline.

His strength had skyrocketed, and he had reached the level of a Great Demon King.

[A Demon Sage, two Great Demon Kings, and two Demon Kings.

Such strength could be considered a first-class force even in the three realms.

[You were thinking about whether you should run to the west and take in a few more big demons in the plot to expand your power.

[Who knew that the clever lesser demon would come and report that Great Sage Demon Bull, as the King of all Demons, summoned you alone.

[You were a little surprised.

The Demon race has just conquered the four seas.

Although they had made a name for themselves in the three realms, they were currently at the peak of their power.

[The best way was to recuperate and digest the spoils of war from exterminating the Dragon race of the four seas.

[Initially, one thought that by the time Tang Sanzangs journey started, you would have nothing to do with the demon race.

But now that Great Sage Demon Bull had summoned you, you had a bad feeling.

[However, since Great Sage Demon Bull had summoned you as the King of all Demons, you must go.

After all, you still have to rely on the banner of the Demon race to gain a foothold in the three realms.

Otherwise, a Demon Sage without any background could easily be schemed against.

[After asking the Demon Kings under your command to guard the cave and train the demon soldiers, you left the Blackwind Cave and headed to Mount Jelei.

[At Mount Jelei…

[You had come a few days ago, yet the entire Mount Jelei has changed greatly in just a few days.

[Before this, Mount Jelei was only the territory of Great Sage Demon Bull.

[The current Mount Jelei was the territory of the King of all Demons.

[The difference between the two could not be mentioned in the same breath.

[The luck of this world was really weird.

Even the forces under him could get a share.

[Looking at the demon soldiers and demon generals that were scattered everywhere, you could feel a trace of the Demon races fate energy on them.

It was very little, but it was there.

[Moreover, the Spiritual Qi around the entire Mount Jelei was three or four times denser than that in normal areas.

[It could be said that as long as Great Sage Demon Bull was given a hundred years, with these benefits, Great Sage Demon Bull would be able to produce 1,000,000 demon soldiers and 100,000 demon generals.

[You flew directly to the hall at the top of Mount Jelei and found that you were not the only one there.

All the Great Sages of the Demon race had arrived, and you were the last one to arrive.

[You vaguely sensed that something big was going to happen, but you couldnt understand why you had to attack when it was time to rest and recuperate.

“Haha, Brother Blackwind is here.

Lets go.

The banquet is ready.

Lets talk inside.”

[Great Sage Demon Bull was very respectful.

Even with his identity as the King of all Demons, he was personally welcoming you.

This made you admire him.

[With such a heroic character, there was absolutely no problem for him to be the King of all Demons.

[As you entered the hall, the banquet officially began with the arrival of the Sages.

[It was unknown where Great Sage Demon Bull found dancing demons.

A group of Rabbit Demons dressed in exotic clothes were singing and dancing in the center.

[When you saw that all the Sages were there, you knew it definitely had nothing to do with you, so you just followed along and ate, drank, and chatted with the Sages, pulling them into a relationship.

[Finally, halfway through the banquet, Great Sage Demon Bull waved the dancing Rabbit Demons away and said excitedly, “Everyone, the battle between the Dragon race of the four seas has shown the might of the Demon race.

This cup of wine is for everyone!”

‘After saying that, Great Sage Demon Bull gulped down a bowl of wine.

[All the Demon Sages naturally stood up and returned the toast.

[Then, Great Sage Demon Bull said, “Ive called all of you here today to celebrate our success and to discuss the future of the Demon Alliance.”

[Upon hearing this, all the demon Sages were a little puzzled.

They all knew that now was the time to digest the fruits of victory and recuperate.

Why did Great Sage Demon Bull say this

[One should know that although they won the war of conquering the four seas, it was not a great victory.

Many Demon Sages were injured, and Great Sage Heaven Batterings wings had not grown out yet.

“Boss, what do you mean by that Could it be that theres someone whos blind and has provoked you” Great Sage Sea-Toppling said directly to Great Sage Demon Bull.

[In his mind, Great Sage Demon Bull would only act this way when someone provoked him and involved a big force.

“Haha, Second Brother, youre overthinking.

This is the result of my long discussion with Patriarch Nine Spirit.

Ill tell all of you on behalf of my brother.”

[Seeing that the atmosphere was about right, Great Sage Demon Bull finally revealed his ultimate goal.

[Now, Tang Sanzangs journey to the west has already begun.

The Heavenly Court and the Buddhist League are focusing on that monk.

Patriarch Nine Spirit has calculated that the monk is related to the prosperity of the Buddhist League for the next 500 years.

We cant afford to lose him.

Since the Heavenly Court and the Buddhist League are so concerned about this matter, shouldnt we…”

Great Sage Demon Bull didnt finish his sentence.

“Whats the matter, Big Brother Could it be that you want us to secretly take action and kill that monk Wouldnt that be making a deadly enemy of the Buddhist League Those bald donkeys are not simple.”

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