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As long as Gu Ren’s schedule was not occupied, he would come to pick Ye Zhi up from work.


Gu Ren might appear anywhere Ye Zhi is— this became a common understanding for everyone.


Therefore, reporters often squatted at Ye Zhi’s workplace just to wait for Gu Ren’s car to pull up.


Gu Ren would often meet everyone’s requirements and take the initiative to show up, making sure that the paparazzi and his fans remained entertained.

But today, Gu Ren just picked up Baobao from the Sheng family and he didn’t want anyone to disturb him.


Gu Ren’s car drove to the parking lot, which was also the place he agreed with Ye Zhi in advance.

As soon as Ye Zhi’s activities were over, she immediately came over to join them.


Baobao was strapped in a child seat in the back with the babysitter looking after him.


When Ye Zhi opened the car door and sat in, the first thing she did was to pick up her little baby.


Baobao’s small arms pulled onto Ye Zhi.

He snuggled his squishy face against hers and called out contentedly, “Mom.”


“Baobao missed me a lot, I see,” Ye Zhi kissed Baobao’s face.


Gu Ren raised his head and glanced in the central rearview mirror.

His voice sounded throughout the entire car, “Me too.”


Ye Zhi hugged Baobao with one hand as she stretched out the other hand to adjust the collar of Gu Ren’s shirt.

Then, she smiled, “Mr.

Gu, drive properly.”


Gu Ren started the car and the vehicle drove forward, taking Ye Zhi and their Baobao back home.


When she got home in the evening, Ye Zhi’s work was not over because she promised her fans to upload some vlogs.


Her vlogs were still recorded, but the update intervals have been long.


The reason was because of Baobao.


Baobao was a very clingy child.

He was still young and he never seemed to want to let go of Ye Zhi.

When she was shooting her vlogs at home, Baobao’s interests were also piqued as well.


All sorts of situations often occurred during the recording processes.


Baobao’s face had not been officially released to the public.

So when he ran around with Ye Zhi, his face would be in the camera.

Hence, many moments had to be edited out.


In the video shot today, although Baobao’s face was not in it, his voice was recorded.


Though, it was just a simple word— hug.


This footage was well shot, so it would be a pity to cut it out.

Ye Zhi and Gu Ren discussed the matter and decided that it should be okay.

After all, it was just one word, so putting that in the video wouldn’t affect much of anything.


After editing the vlog, Ye Zhi’s vlog was uploaded the next day.


Fans have waited for a long time and they finally got an update on the new vlog.

After they clicked in, their focus was completely deviated towards the video.


They didn’t see Baobao’s face, but the word ‘hug’ spoken in a childish tone had already captured everyone’s heart.


“Ahhhh, such a cute, little squeaky voice— that must be Baobao, right How can he be so adorable This aunt’s heart is bursting with cuteness.”


“I beg Ye Zhi, please, let us have a look at Baobao’s face; even his back would suffice at this point.

Let’s not have reporters annoy our cute little Baobao just for a scoop.”


“Ten thousand people want to see Baobao.

I’m leaving a comment every day; I hope Ye Zhi can see this someday!”


A week after the new vlog was posted, Ye Zhi’s Weibo comments were all about Baobao.

Even when she attended events, she was always questioned by her fans.


Surprisingly, they no longer asked about Gu Ren.

Instead, they merely expressed their desires to know about Baobao.


The owner of the childish yet adorable voice, Baobao, was now anticipated by every single one of her fans.


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