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Lin, arent you coming with me If youre tired, you can rest in the hotel.”

Wen Shu looked at Lin Yi pitifully.

At this point, she felt that Lin Yi should understand what she meant.

And she had thought it through.

After Lin Yi left with her, she didnt ask for anything else and just let him enjoy himself.

Once he slowly started to acknowledge her, then she would eventually make some small requests.

In short, she could not push her luck.

“Forget it.

Ive already booked a hotel.

Besides, I dont lack women.

I really cant think of a reason to go to a hotel with you.”

With that, Lin Yi waved his hand.

He wanted to hail a taxi, but he saw a brown Panamera stop in front of him.

The person in the car was the vice president of Didi, Tian Yan.

“Director Lin, do you need a lift” Tian Yan smiled.

“Lets go.”

Lin Yi got into Tian Yans passenger seat while Wen Shu stood rooted to the ground like a fool.

“Why didnt you leave” Lin Yi asked in the car.

“Arent we in Yangcheng Your car is in Zhonghai, so I wanted to wait here for a while.

If you didnt have a ride, I was going to bring you back.

I was right.”

Seeing Tian Yan, Lin Yi sighed.

This woman really understood mens hearts.

“No wonder you became a vice president at such a young age.

Most people dont have your ability.”

“Chairman Lin is older than me and his achievements are hundreds of times greater than mine.

This is nothing.”

“I cant help it.

Im a man with a cheat code.”

Tian Yan smiled.

“Thats right.

Your achievements are really as though you cheated.

I never thought that someone could fully invest in Didi.”

“Although I bought the company out, theres no need to flatter me like this.

Im not used to it.”

“As a subordinate, I have to flatter the leader.

Otherwise, how can I survive in the workplace”

“The next time you see me, just wear a shorter skirt.

Its a lot more useful than flattery.”

Tian Yan smiled.

“If its paired with black silk, will I be promoted and get a raise”

“Little Tian, youve finally figured out the intentions of the leader.

Im thankful.”

Tian Yans figure was a little more voluptuous than Ji Qingyans.

When she smiled, her chest would tremble, wave after wave.

“By the way, I have a mission for you.

Go back and deal with it quickly.”

Seeing that Lin Yi was about to talk about serious matters, Tian Yan straightened her expression.

“Chairman Lin, please speak.”

“Do you remember a few months ago, I signed a three-billion-dollar order with Cisco under Didis name”

“I remember.”

“Cisco is about to deliver the goods now.

Go back and tell the public relations department to stir up news of this.

The bigger the commotion, the better.”

“Director Lin, are you going to invest in Ciscos stocks” Tian Yan asked in an experienced manner.

“According to the current market analysis, this wave of operations will cause Ciscos shares to rise to the limit within the next week.

Itll almost be time to harvest.”

“Got it, Chairman Lin.

Ill go back and arrange this now to maximize our benefits.”

“Sounds good.”

Tian Yan nodded and drove away after sending Lin Yi to the hotel.

Aside from Cisco, the two of them didnt talk about anything else.

They just made small talk.

In Lin Yis opinion, if a woman like Tian Yan was eyeing them, most men would probably not be able to control themselves.

Back at the hotel, Lin Yi saw Li Chuhan in her hotel pajamas, reading a medical lecture.

“Have you eaten Are you hungry”

“Not really.”

When women said this, it basically meant that they were very hungry.

“I brought you takeout.”

“Are you going to take a shower Ill draw your bath.”

“No, you should eat first.

I can make it myself.

Its not a big deal.”


Lin Yi went into the bathroom and was about to take a shower when he saw Li Chuhans underwear hanging on the dryer.

“What the f*ck Am I in an alternate dimension Are all women who study medicine so fearless”

After a quick shower, Lin Yi walked out and sat on the sofa with Li Chuhan.

“Do you still have other matters to deal with You can take care of yourself first.

Im not in a hurry,” Li Chuhan said gently.

“Tomorrow, Ill go and clean Aunties grave first.

This is a big matter that cant be delayed.

As for the relocation of the grave, we can do that whenever we can find the time.”

With that, Lin Yi looked at Li Chuhan.

“Do you believe in feng shui Do I need to pick an auspicious day”

“No, no,” Li Chuhan said.

“I dont really follow feng shui beliefs.

You can pick any date you prefer.”

“Alright, then well just head to the cemetery first.

Well leave tomorrow morning.”

“Thank you.”

“Dont keep saying thank you.

Just bring me along for the surgery in the future.”


Because there were two beds inside, there was no ambiguity about where they would sleep.

However, with Li Chuhans personality, she wouldnt feel anything even if they slept on the same bed.

Lying on the bed, Lin Yi was chatting with Ji Qingyan on WeChat when he saw a friend request.

He opened it and saw that it was from Wen Shu.

“This woman really doesnt give up.”

Muttering under his breath, Lin Yi ignored her.

However, a few minutes later, Wen Shu called.


Lin, Ive added you on WeChat.

Can you accept it”

“If you have something to say, just say it.”

“Actually, its nothing.” Wen Shu said, “I just broke up.

Im in a bad mood and was drinking outside when I thought of Mr.


“What wine did you drink”

“I bought beer.

I wanted to get drunk so I could feel better.”

“Thats enough.

Beer is boring and expensive.

Go buy two bottles of Niulan Mountain Erguotou.

I guarantee that one mouthful will make you dead drunk and you will forget everything.”


“Believe me, you cant go wrong.

In fact, buy two bottles.

Itll be more economical and affordable.”

With that, Lin Yi hung up and continued chatting with Ji Qingyan.

The next morning, when Lin Yi woke up, he realized that Li Chuhan had washed his socks.

This woman was virtuous.

Other than being a little cold, she did not seem to have any flaws.

After getting up, the two of them had a simple meal and drove to Beiqiao Town.

“There will be a truck following us.”

On the highway, Li Chuhan said.

“I managed to get these guys to help us.

Their truck is filled with paper money which we can use it when we get to the grave.

Drive slowly when youre on the highway.

If you step on the accelerator, you might lose the truck behind us.”

“Got it.

Ill slow down.”

About two hours later, Li Chuhan turned the car into a side road.

Dust flew everywhere.

As soon as he got out of the car, she saw that the red G63 was covered in dust.

“This road seems alright, its not as bad as you say,” Lin Yi said.

“The road over there is too dilapidated.

There are also a few waterways.

Cars cant enter, so I circled around for dozens of kilometers and finally got in this way.”

“Whats with the detour”

“This is already considered good.

Theres about a kilometer of road in front of us.

There are deep ruts, but with the G63s ability, this shouldnt be an issue.

The truck behind might struggle though.

If we have them follow us in, well probably have to pay extra.”

“Uh, lets tip them then.

Ive bought quite a lot.

I dont think our car can hold it all.”

“Yeah, another hundred will be enough,” Li Chuhan reminded, afraid that Lin Yi would be at a disadvantage.

According to Li Chuhan, it was about another 20 kilometers to Beiqiao Town.

However, the twenty-odd kilometers of road was not just a simple dirt road, but also a dangerous mountain path that was only about four meters wide.

If they were in the wrong car, they had to be careful.

With his and Li Chuhans skills, it wouldnt be a problem as long as they were careful.

However, if it were Ji Qingyan, she would have to stop the car on the spot and call for help.

With Li Chuhans skill, it took her more than an hour to travel this 20 kilometers and see the shadow of the river.

According to Li Chuhan, the bridge into the town was in front of them, which meant that they were not far from Beiqiao Town.

However, at this moment, Lin Yi stopped talking.

This was the so-called easy path that they had been talking about.

If it was that difficult path, what would it be like

The sunlight outside the window was dazzling.

It was true that where there was sunlight, there would definitely be darkness.

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