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“President Mu, where are you going” After glancing at the roses in Mu Lilan’s hand, Tang Long smiled creepily and asked.

Mu Lilan’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, “Where I’m going doesn’t have anything to do with you, right”

“How can it have nothing to do with me”

Tang Long stretched out his little finger, picked his ear, and said confidently, “Your father has entrusted me to ensure your safety, so wherever you go, naturally I’ll be following you.”

“No need, I’m good, I don’t need your protection!” Mu Lilan said nonchalantly.

Zhonghai City was within the Dragon Kingdom, and the security was quite good.

All along, she had never encountered any danger nor understood why her father suddenly wanted to find a bodyguard for her.

Why did her father look for such an unreliable guy

“That won’t do.” Tang Long shook his head, “Since I promised your father to protect you, I must do my duty!”

Saying so, Tang Long again took out his cell phone and shook it, “if not, I’ll have to call your father, President Mu, that you’re not letting me do my work.”

“Do the hell you want.”

Mu Lilan was also too lazy to argue with Tang Long again.

Although she wasn’t afraid of her father’s accusation, if there was a conflict with the family because of this Tang Long, it wasn’t worth it.

Mu Lilan got into the car.

As for Tang Long, she obviously won’t agree to let him ride in the same car as her.

This was her bottom line.

Of course, Tang Long also understood, so he no longer persisted.

Immediately, he took a car and followed behind Mu Lilan’s white Bentley.

Soon, Mu Lilan arrived at the Su Group building.

The location of Su’s Group was one of the famous business centers in Zhonghai City.

Countless business elites and white collars were working there.

When Mu Lilan showed up before the crowd with a bouquet in her hand, everyone couldn’t help but cast their eyes on her.

After all, Mu Lilan was beautiful, not to mention her identity.

Just because such a beauty appeared in everyone’s sight, almost everyone couldn’t help but look at her twice.

With a bouquet of roses, the ice-cold female CEO, Mu Lilan, naturally drew more attention.

“Isn’t that Mu Lilan, the CEO of Mu group Why did she come to the Su Group”

“Yes, but why is she with a bouquet of roses Isn’t President Mu extremely cold to everyone How could she present roses to others”

“It is strange.

It’s really Mu Lilan.

Is she here to confess to someone”

“No way.

Mu Lilan will never take the initiative to confess to someone.

Given her temperament, this is impossible!”

“I don’t know.

But why do you think Mu Lilan came to Su Group with a bouquet of roses in her hand What else could it be”

“This… she’s not here to confess to Su Hang, right”


Seeing Mu Lilan show up with a bouquet, everyone around the office buildings at the Su Group began to talk about it.

The employees within the Su Group, seeing the arrival of Mu Lilan, were likewise quite surprised.

After all, most people in Zhonghai City business knew that the Su family’s young master, Su Hang, had pursued Mu Lilan for three years.

Thus, the people of the Su Group were naturally more familiar with her identity.

They also knew that despite young master Su pursuing her for three years, she didn’t even give him a face and was quite cold to him.

Then, why did Mu Lilan come to the Su’s group today

And why did she arrive at the company with a bouquet of roses

Mu Lilan, who had already mentally prepared before coming, still got embarrassed, feeling these strange eyes from around. 

Not to mention, she would’ve to take the initiative to confess to Su Hang later.

While gritting her teeth, Mu Lilan took a deep breath and walked toward the Su Group building.

(The CEO’s office of the Su Group building)

Su Hang naturally saw Mu Lilan’s arrival through the window.

However, he didn’t expect Mu Lilan to sincerely bring a bouquet of roses to confess to him.

Doesn’t this feel …a bit weird

Seriously, a woman presenting a bouquet of roses to a man

He was afraid that Mu Lilan was head over heels for him right now.

At this time, the phone in the office rang, and it was the receptionist who called.

Su Hang picked up the phone.

At once, the voice of the receptionist lady came from the other end of the phone, “President Mu is here at the company to see you, but she doesn’t have an appointment, should I let her in”

“Let her in.” Su Hang spoke indifferently.

“Okay, President Su.”

The receptionist’s voice was gentle, and she added, “By the way, President Su, in addition to her secretary, there is a man in a security uniform who has come along with her.

He wants to follow her inside.

Should I ask the security guards to stop him”

“No, let him in too.”

Su Hang thought about it and replied.

A man in a security uniform also wanted to follow Mu Lilan.

He instantly understood it was Tang Long, the Protagonist of the ‘Return of the Soldier King’ novel!

The security guards of Su’s group definitely couldn’t stop this guy.

So, he didn’t bother letting him in.

Also, it was about time for Tang Long to witness Mu Lilan confessing to him.

“Okay, President Su.” The receptionist lady once again replied gently.


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