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Chapter 283: Potcelain

To attach his Amortizing Power Redirector on Noro, Knuckle needed to land a hit, but unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy, since Noro was a Royal guard, a monster amidst monsters.

With his own power, it would be almost impossible, that’s why he needed his partner’s help.

His partner was Shoot, a fellow disciple under Morel’s teaching.

The two were partners for years and had great teamwork.

Even if they were facing a monster, if they set their mindset right, they could fight Noro.

Shoot was a manipulator, and he uses a technique called Disembodied hands, which is represented by three hands that Shoot can control freely.

Shoot’s main Nen ability is Hotel Rafflesia, which allows him to shrink any body part touched with his Disembodied hands and seal it into a birdcage.

Even though somebody’s parts can be sealed, there is no actual damage to the target when he is missing one.

For example, if he hit his target’s eyes, he can seal his eyes and seal them, rendering his opponent blind, but it isn’t permanent, because as soon as the Hotel Rafflesia is released, the eyes would return to their owner.

For now, Knuckle could only rely on Noro to give him an advantage to land a strike.

Shoot and Knuckle kept retreating while Noro followed after them trying to kill them.

“We don’t have an advantage in an open space, we need to lead him to the forest,” Knuckle said.

“Yeah.” Shoot agreed.

Directly, both of them headed to the forest near the palace.

After entering the forest, Knuckle and Shoot started guerilla warfare against Noro.

Although Noro was strong, he was helpless in this situation.

Many trees were destroyed by Noro, but to no avail, as he couldn’t hit his targets.

Finally, after some time, One of Shoot’s hands finally landed on Noro’s right eye.

Suddenly, the eye disappeared from Noro’s head and appeared in the cage due to Hotel Rafflesia.

Since Noro lost an eye, he had a blind spot due to the missing chunk in vision, which made it easier for Knuckle to land a hit.

The punch was strong, but what puzzled Noro, is the fact that he didn’t feel any pain, instead, he felt like he was given Nen instead.


While wondering what’s going on, Noro’s single eye noticed something strange flying next to him.

It was a fat doll.

“What’s this” Noro frowned and noticed the number 500 appearing on the Doll’s forehead.

“It’s time, counting added Interest.” The doll beside Noro smiled as it said.

Noro noticed that the number displayed on the forehead of the doll increased from 500 to 550.

“Good, Potclean started calculating the Interest.” Not far away, Knuckle said in joy.

Since the Amortizing Power Redirector was attached, it was only a matter of time before Noro would enter bankruptcy.


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