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She Had Been Too Indifferent Toward Her Daughter-In-Law

She had received a Goddess Roulette Wheel

Xia Bohe put on the pearl-encrusted slippers handed to her by a servant. She was instantly stunned.

[Do you want to turn the wheel now]

Xia Bohe realized that Luo Tianlin had strode to the center of the great hall. A middle-aged lady dressed in a light purple cheongsam with her hair put up into a bun came out to greet them with a smile on her face.

She shook her head internally, immediately putting up her mental defenses.

“You guys are back”

The middle-aged lady walked out and greeted them. Her eyes were full of concern.

“The weather is really hot outside, right Rest for a while in the room after having a shower. I will ask Madam Wang to prepare some mung bean soup. It will help you all cool down,” she said.

This lady did not look a day over forty. Other than the crows feet in the corners of her eyes, a sign of the many smiles and laughter she must have had throughout her life, there were hardly any signs of aging on her face.

Her voice was soft and gentle, with intonation from the Jiangnan Province. She seemed like someone very easy to get along with.

There was a jade accessory resting conspicuously on the youthful skin of one of her wrists. Xia Bohe also noticed the beaded jade necklace on her neck. The dark green jade beads were evenly-sized and shiny. All of a sudden, a single thought occurred to her.

Luo Tianlins mother.

The original hosts mother-in-law.

Akin to one of her current immediate superiors.

Her performance as a daughter-in-law was dependent on her husbands love toward her and how well she got along with her mother-in-law.

The relationship between in-laws has always been a big problem in most families.

If a mother-in-law did not like her daughter-in-law, she would find fault in everything she did daily, both overtly and covertly. Even if it did not bring their marriage to shambles, such behavior would cause the daughter-in-law to suffer terribly.


Xia Bohe called outsincerely at once.

She felt the strong need for survival.

As a lowly actress in the past, she could shower others with flattery just to secure a filming role. She had always flattered the casting director as if he was on cloud nine.

She had to be likable to make it big.

Xia Bohe followed behind Luo Tianlin, trying her best to appear like a girl with a goody-two-shoes demeanor.

She had to look inconspicuous and obedient.

However, after calling out, the entire great hall fell into silence.

Standing firm on the marble floor, she noticed a look of unbelieving dumbfoundedness flashed across her mother-in-law, Xu Yazhis, dignified, kind and delicate face. Her mother-in-law instantly directed her attention, which had been fully focused on Luo Tianlin, over to Xia Bohes face. There was a look of shock and doubt plastered across her face.

The weird expression on her mother-in-laws face stunned Xia Bohe as well.

The next moment, Luo Tianlins cold voice rang out.

“You do not need to prepare the soup. We will go back to our room to rest and come down for dinner later.”

His long legs stopped in their tracks. His dark gaze swept over Xia Bohe coldly.

Goosebumps arose all over Xia Bohes skin.

What did she do wrong

“Alright, go take a rest first. I will not disturb you guys,” Xu Yazhi said, responding quickly.

Fear could be detected in her voice.

Xia Bohe could somehow feel that something was not right with the way this mother and son got along with each other. After taking a few steps forward, Luo Tianlin turned back to look at her, most likely not understanding why she was not following behind him. Thus, she stopped herself from reading into the situation too much and quickly caught up with him.

Before she went up to the second floor, Xia Bohe glanced briefly at her mother-in-law. She was unexpectedly met with her grateful gaze.

Startled, Xia Bohe immediately responded with a polite smile.

Treading lightly on the thick carpet, she was endlessly shocked as she took in the sight of the crystal handle of the spiral staircase, the renowned paintings on the wall and the various antiques placed in each corner of the manor. However, she could not stop thinking about her mother-in-laws weird attitude.

A mother-in-law being grateful toward her daughter-in-law

She did not do anything that deserved her gratefulness.

“Are you waiting for me to carry you back to the room”

A cold voice uttered.

Raising her head in surprise, Xia Bohe realized that there was a distance of four to five meters between her and Luo Tianlins long legs. She must have been distracted by her thoughts.

“I will give you three more seconds. Keep up with me,” he said.

Luo Tianlin squinted his dark eyes in annoyance.

Xia Bohe gulped.

If she said that she was indeed waiting for him to carry her, would he be pissed off


Meanwhile, Xu Yazhi, whom Xia Bohe was concerned for, turned around and held up her phone excitedly after they went upstairs.

“Old Luo, did you know that our daughter-in-law just called meMother”

“Does that mean that Tianlin is gradually accepting me Otherwise, our daughter-in-law would not dare to call meMother.”

“Tianlin is still same old same old, but…”

Xu Yazhi was at a loss for words.

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Halfway through, she seemed to have thought of something. “Madam Wang, Madam Wang!” she yelled, rushing into the kitchen.


“What does Bohe like to eat We will make more of that tonight!”

After giving her orders, Xu Yazhi felt slightly vexed.

As a mother-in-law, she did not even know what her daughter-in-law liked to eat. She had really been way too indifferent toward her daughter-in-law in the past.



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