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Chapter 1367 Benefits of Attending the Class as Visitors

Zhang Han looked a little stunned.

“You little girl.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “Go to rest.

You have school tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Mengmeng said, “In two weeks, we will finish learning all the high school knowledge.

Then, we can finish the college entrance examination exercise a week after that.”

“Youll do that so early” Zhang Han said in surprise, “You deserve to be my daughter.”


Youll see that Ill get a top scholar by then.”


Im looking forward to it.”


Mengmeng learned about hundreds of kinds of plants on the first day.

Although she learned them very fast, it took her two hours to learn all of them.

If she learned 450 kinds of herbs in one day, she would learn 45,500 kinds in 10 days and 455,000 days in 100 days.

It would take her many years to learn 90 million kinds.

The next day, Zhang Han strengthened his teaching.

In two hours, Mengmeng had learned 2,600 kinds, and she still made no mistake.

On the third day, Zhang Han taught Mengmeng 5,000 kinds of plants, and she still made no mistake.

Zhang Han was stunned by what he saw.

“Why is my daughter so awesome”

This went on until he taught her 10,000 kinds of plants in two hours.

Finally, she showed memorial mistakes, but her ability to accept knowledge could be better.

Zhang Han gradually strengthened his teaching.

Every three days, he would tell Mengmeng to review what she had learned before to memorize better.

Just like that, Mengmengs life was really like that of an ordinary high school student.

She would study during the day and study for a long time at night.

It was the monthly exam on September 30th.

When the results were announced, Mengmeng ran up to Zhang Han and raised a finger, “I got first place in my grade.”

Her performance amazed the Senior Section.

In addition to the points deducted for her essay and her answers to some understanding questions, she got full marks in other basic knowledge.

For example, the mathematics and physics questions both had standard answers, and what Mengmeng wrote on her exam paper was all standard answers.

“This is a genius of science!”

“The future Science Prize winner!”

“What genius of science She will be a scholar in the future! Its so rare for her to get full marks in the language exam.”

“Youre wrong.

She is a genius of science, and she will study science in the future.”

“Haha, she is a quiet little girl and will study liberal arts.”

“That wont do.

Whats the point of her studying liberal arts Wouldnt that hold her down”

“Thats bull**! Do you look down on liberal arts”

Several teachers almost got into a fight for her.

The argument was so heated that spittle flew everywhere in the office because of that matter.

They alarmed the dean.

“What are you doing Studying science or liberal arts is a students choice and freedom.

Why are you all so concerned”

“Sir, you once majored in science as well.

Why dont you judge it for us With Zhang Yumengs grades, how could she not study science”

“Youre right.”

The liberal arts teacher said, “Youve gone too far! Im going to the principal, who is a literary master.”

In the end, the matter was brought to the principal.

Unexpectedly, the teachers got really angry from their argument.

Except for Mengmeng, who had top scores, Ninas grades were also very good because her writing showed her understanding of the world.

It was slightly different from the local culture.

In the end, she got a not bad score, so she got third place in her grade.

Felina was ranked sixth, and Yue Xiaonao was ranked ninth.

They all got into the top ten in the first monthly exam.

Yue Xiaonao also complained that she had been careless.

She handed in her papers without checking.

If she had checked, she would be in the top five.

Felina sneered.

“What an excuse.”

“Thats so not cool! If you cant talk properly, then speak less!” Yue Xiaonao complained.

It was holiday time.

Many students asked each other out when they had time.

Yang Guang took the lead in inviting Mengmeng and the girls.

However, Mengmeng refused.

“I have to learn something from my dad.

I dont have time to go out recently.”

In the next seven days, Mengmeng learned the Dao of plants and vegetation very fast.

She learned from 100,000 kinds to 300,000 kinds, 500,000 kinds, and 800,000 kinds.

Finally, the holiday was over.

“You now know a million kinds of spiritual herbs.”

Zhang Han smiled and said, “Impressive.

Youve already learned something about the Dao of plants and vegetation, and youre even more powerful than the pellet-refining tutors of Dragnet Academy.

With your attainments, you can leave a name in the top 50 if you go to challenge the Mysterious Tower.”

“I can enter the top 50” Mengmeng was a little surprised.

“Of course.”

Zhang Han gave a positive answer and said, “Youll stop learning about the Dao of plants and vegetation for a while.

Next, its time for the real things.

If theres a real thing, Ill show it.

If there isnt, Ill simulate it.

Youll practice for a period, which is to really master it.”


While Mengmeng learned pellet refining from Zhang Han, a lot of people would often watch from afar.

Especially Chu Qingyi, who often sat on an outdoor balcony chair, would drink coffee and watch the scene below.

Her master was indeed very gentle to Mengmeng.

“He has not only the clank of lofty character but also tender passion.”

Chu Qingyi thought about it.

Recently, she had also been learning the culture of Hua Territory, so she had a rough understanding of it.

As time went by, everyone focused on their cultivation and learning.

They had a lot of things every day and had a rich life.

They even felt that they didnt have enough time.

At the end of October.

“Mengmeng, youre amazing.”

Zhang Han clapped his hands and praised, “Its impressive that youve completely mastered more than a million spiritual herbs.

Youre now skilled in pellet refining.

“The next step is to learn the array of formations for more than two hours a day.”

“Daddy, we havent gone out to have fun for a long time.

There is a class B Relic in Sonner.

Shall we go there and have a look” Mengmeng said.


Zhang Han had never refused his little girls request.

After having a good time in the Relic, Mengmeng began to comprehend the array of formations.

Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Zhanhong, Wang Ming, and others were all studying the Ten-thousand-formation Image.

Now, the image was showing signs of improvement.

“In a few more days, my Ten-thousand-formation Image will be completed.”

The First Elder of the Heavenly Knights Sect was all smiles.

After a few years, he finally succeeded in his studies.

“Mine is still not good enough.” Wang Zhanpeng shook his head.

“Eh Why is Mengmeng here”

They suddenly noticed the arrival of Mengmeng and Zhang Han.

“Mengmeng, this is the Hundred-formation Image.

You will pass if you can tell the hundreds of formations in it.

Let me tell you about these formations.

“The first array is very simple…”

Everyone looked at Zhang Hans comprehensive and detailed explanation of the formations.

Wang Zhanpeng and the others were a little confused.

“Can the array of formations be taught in this way”

Unexpectedly, three days later.

“Its not difficult to master the Hundred-formation Image, is it”

Mengmeng took out some crystal stones casually and set up several formations in a few seconds.

“WHAT! What sort of talent in the array of formations is this!”

“She passed the Hundred-formation Image in a few days Are you kidding me”

Wang Ming and the others were stunned.

But it was just the beginning.

They were still studying the Ten-thousand-formation Image.

Another week passed.

“Its not hard to master the Thousand-formation Image either.”

Mengmeng mastered another formation image.

In front of everyone, she cast all kinds of formations.

Although she was somewhat clumsy when she did that, she never made a mistake in her formations.

She performed them nicely.

“She finished the Thousand-formation Image as well”

“It took Mengmeng ten days to start studying the Ten-thousand-formation Image”

The First Elder of the Heavenly Knights Sect and the others started questioning everything they had learned.

It could be said that they felt ashamed of themselves for what they saw.

Mengmengs speed of learning was related to Zhang Hans good teaching.

Wang Zhanpeng and the others were aware of this.

Zhang Han taught Mengmeng about the array of formations in detail.

Mengmeng learned quickly, but her comprehension was still much lacking.

However, she basically understood these things and could exert a lot of formations, which was very amazing.

But what happened next shocked them more.

They had thought that Mengmeng would take a few months to initially learn the Ten-thousand-formation Image.

But they would never expect that it took her only four days to master 20% of the Ten-thousand-formation Image.

After that, she gradually mastered the whole formation image.

In three weeks, she finished 80% of the formations on it.

In other words, Mengmeng had learned 8,000 formations.

At this time, Zhang Hans lecture was not only for Mengmeng.

“These are benefits for us! Enormous benefits!”

The First Elder of the Heavenly Knights Sect was so excited that he couldnt fall asleep.

His body was trembling.

“The 8001st, Demon-fall Heaven-earth Formation.”

Zhang Han stood in front of the Ten-thousand-formation Image, his eyes shining with green light.

He controlled the formation image.

Wisps of starlight converged from the points and constantly changed, forming a complicated three-dimensional diagram.

After Zhang Han shot out the crystal stones, a formation was formed on the spot.

At the same time, he explained, “The Demon-fall Heaven-earth Formation is capable of restraining all Yin Spirits type creatures and dissolving their power.

Likewise, this formation can also be transformed.

At the very least, it can transform into a hundred different kinds of Heaven-earth Formations.

As for the converted formations, there is no need to mention them.

I will tell you the details of how to use the Demon-fall Heaven-earth Formation and what you should pay attention to while transforming it.”


Just ten minutes later, Mengmeng raised her palm and took out a lot of crystal stones, setting up a small Demon-fall Heaven-earth Formation on the spot.


This formation was quite complex, and Zhang Hans teaching speed was considerably lower.

“Demon-fall Heaven-earth Formation.”

Wang Ming was suddenly enlightened.

“So thats how it is.

Its amazing.

Its so wonderful.

Ive finally comprehended the Demon-fall Heaven-earth Formation.

What an amazing lecture.

Its so detailed.

With such a master, even a pig can become a talent.”

“The Demon-fall Heaven-earth Formation.” The First Elder of the Heavenly Knights Sect let out a long sigh and said, “I was so wrong.

The direction of the Demon-fall Heaven-earth that I comprehended before is wrong.

Its real power is actually reflected in its changing points, which are connected to each other.

The array of formations is really mysterious.”


I didnt understand before, but now I do.”

Those who attended the class as observers felt that they were so lucky.

Originally, they didnt do well enough in their Ten-thousand-formation Images, but after they followed Mengmeng to attend Zhang Hans class, their cultivation speed also improved.

After their comprehension and reviewing for a while, they all mastered their Ten-thousand-formation Images.

On this side, Zhang Han gave everyone lectures.

On the other side at the edge of the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

Exotic Beasts roamed freely throughout a desolate star, and there were countless types of God Transformation Realm Exotic Beasts.


All of a sudden, a clumsy white bear started barking among the Exotic Beasts from time to time.

Compared to his clumsy figure, his quick-witted eyes seemed to be filled with wisdom.


I accidentally entered this place.

“Fortunately, I discovered an illusion treasure in a great tomb I went to last time.

“Otherwise, I would be having a tough time by now.”

The white bear was Ye Longyuan.

He had come to this place.

With his spectacular talent, he discovered a great ancient tomb on this planet.

He was extremely excited.

However, he never expected to fall into an abyss after walking onto the grassland.

Inside the abyss was a completely different world, just like a worldlet.

The great tomb was also here.

“Im almost there.”

Feeling the ring on his finger slightly turn warm, he knew that he wasnt far from the proper entrance to the great tomb.

“Im now actually pretending to be a bear day by day.”

Ye Longyuan moved forward clumsily.


An earth-shattering roar suddenly came from not far away.

“Oh my god!”

Ye Longyuan was shocked.

The aura of that roar showed that the one was at least at the God Transformation Realm Last Stage.

“Whats going on”

He turned around and saw a tigress throwing a tantrum.

“It turns out that its in a quarrel.”

Ye Longyuan felt numb all over.

He walked forward slowly and looked around from time to time, scratching his head.

He looked very similar to a bear.

Finally, he reached a hillside.

“Im here!

“Golden shovel, get to work!”

Ye Longyuan took out his golden shovel and began to dig downward.

Soon, he made a tunnel.


Enormous rocks flew everywhere as he entered the great tomb.

“Its so cold!

“Why are there so many Yin souls here

“Invisibility Cloak!”

Ye Longyuan had some treasures on him, and more importantly, he had many useful treasures.

He turned himself invisible as he moved forward.

He passed through corridors and mazes.

Finally, he arrived at the main tomb chamber.

“A great tomb of this level definitely has priceless treasures!

“But why are there more and more Yin souls”


Ye Longyuan quickly jumped into the main tomb chamber.

The scene in his sight shocked him.


“Demonic Ghost Clown

“Why would it be here”

In front of him was a coffin more than ten meters long and five to six meters wide.

The Demonic Ghost King Clown was floating above the coffin, black lines spiraling up from it.

It was devouring something.

It seemed that it was also a critical time.

“Oh no!

“This thing is very terrifying.”


Ye Longyuan seemed to hear the roar of countless Yin souls.

The Demonic Ghost King suddenly turned its head and looked at the place where Ye Longyuan was hiding with its bloody eyes.


“Ye, Ye Longyuan.”


At this moment, Ye Longyuan felt a chill running down his spine and into his brain.

His whole body was trembling.

“Did it discover me


“Run now!”

Without hesitating, Ye Longyuan tried his best to escape.

Along the way, he encountered danger because the surrounding Yin Spirits and Demonic Ghosts were roaring soundlessly.

Those roars were like shock waves from their souls.


Ye Longyuan jumped out of the dug tunnel directly.

After running for a few kilometers, he took off the Invisibility Cloak and turned into a white bear.

He blinked his eyes constantly, looked around, and moved forward in fear.

“The Demonic Ghost Clown is now occupying the great tomb!

“Damn it.

“I dont want it anymore.

Ill find an exit and leave this place first.”

The white bear continued to clumsily advance through the Exotic Beasts territory.

He did not expect that as the Devil Incarnate, he would meet Ding Jiuming, the Demonic Ghost Clown, on a savage planet on the border of the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

As the Demonic Ghost Clown, Ding Jiuming had sold his soul to the devils.

Since he called out Ye Longyuans name, it was obvious that his consciousness was not devoured but developed in a unique direction.

Obviously, it was also a kind of luck.

It could be said that some kind of opportunity saved Ding Jiumings consciousness.

Not long after that.

In a remote corner of the planet, a king vessel slowly took to the air and flew away.

“That was close.”

Ye Longyuan suddenly found that there were thousands of fleets parked on the other side of the planet.

“As expected of the Demonic Ghost King Clown.”

He felt a little admiration.

These fleets were worth quite a lot of crystal stones.

“The Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.”

A lot of information about the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven appeared in Ye Longyuans mind.

“Its mainly about the forces of the Four Great Sects.

“Ling Sea Sword Sect is the number one sect majoring in swordsmanship.

The Crimson Sunglow Sect, located on Good Star Street, ranks first in aspects including the soul element, illusions, and so on.

The Authentic Martial Arts Sect is a powerful one majoring in Body Cultivation.

The Heavenly Evil Sect has many occult arts and fierce means.

The disciples of the sect are so fierce, cruel, and cold-blooded.

They are not to be trifled with.

“The Four Great Sects are located on Vast Heaven Star.

I didnt expect there to be such a big planet, and its the most centered place.

Its said that there are treasures everywhere in that place.

Im only at the Yuan Ying Realm Last Stage.

I dont have the strength to challenge there.

“The Vast Heaven Satr is nothing.

More than eighty percent of the sects in the other regions are subordinate forces to the Four Great Sects.

Their influence is complex and countless.

“There must be a lot of great tombs in this huge area.

Too many experts have appeared here.

Hahaha, the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven, Im coming!”

Ye Longyuan was excited to go to such a high-end place.

He had started off on the losing end.

As soon as he discovered a great tomb, it was occupied by that terrifying monster.

However, there were many great tombs in the world.

Of course, he didnt mind missing one or two out of tens of thousands of great tombs.

In this way, Ye Longyuan began his journey of robbing graves.

Su Beimu temporarily stayed in Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Yan Chen went to the Star Dragon Area and used it as a springboard, ready to enter the Astral Domain in the future.

They were different from Ye Longyuan.

Ye Longyuan often robbed graves in remote places, where few people lived.

He was a lone wolf.

They needed to constantly strengthen themselves and obtain cultivation resources from sects and forces.

Therefore, it was necessary for them to join a big sect.

As for other Dao Seeking Cultivators from Earth, they also had their own lives and experiences.

The ones who made rapid progress were Mu Xue and the others.

Although they were still at the Yuan Ying Realm Last Stage, their combat capability would always improve.

The occult arts obtained from Zhang Han were enough for them to cultivate for a long time.

Time flew.

It was Christmas on December 25th.

Mengmeng had finally completed her Ten-thousand-formation Image.

Not only did she have a superficial understanding, but she could also use it.

What Zhang Han valued most was that if she mastered these formations, she would have better means to deal with all kinds of emergencies in the future.

“Its Christmas.

You should go out with your classmates to have a party,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

The girls had already made an appointment they would go out to have fun today with more than a dozen classmates in total.

At eight oclock in the morning, Mu Xue and Chu Qingyi drove and escorted them out of Mount New Moon.


Back in the bedroom, Zhang Han said with a smile, “Ive prepared enough for Mengmeng.

I also got something for you.”

“Me I dont know how to cultivate.

How can I prepare for it” Zi Yan was stunned.

“Your strength depends on your awakening and mood,” Zhang Han said, “but there are also indirect methods to improve it.”

“Are you talking about Tiny Tot” Zi Yan came to her senses.

“Thats right.”

Zhang Han nodded and said, “Ive prepared 361 kinds of medicinal pellets for Tiny Tot.

After taking them, it should be able to wake up once again.

Now its probably in the God Transformation Realm.

When it wakes up again, it should reach the level of the Void-refining Realm.

It will be bigger and have more abilities.

The original martial arts heritage of the Ancient Cursed Roc should be very powerful.

You have Tiny Tot in the Void-refining Realm by your side, you can protect yourself even in the Astral Domain.”

“Honey, what makes you so eager to improve everyones strength” Zi Yan asked.

Seeing Zi Yans clear and caring eyes, Zhang Han thought for a while.

He said with a smile, “Its nothing serious.

I just want everyone to be fine.

Only with great strength can we face various situations.

“Dont worry.”

Zhang Han said, “There isnt any problem.

Maybe Im worrying too much and want to prepare for any danger that may happen.”


Zi Yan smiled and said, “We wont be separated, right”

“Of course, we wont.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “No one in this world can separate us.”

“Even if we are separated, it will be an accident.” Zi Yan said, “No matter where you are, I will come to you.

If we are too far away from each other, I will find a safe place and wait for you.”

While speaking, Zi Yan smiled and continued, “What you said is to guard against the unexpected.

I feel that we have a tacit understanding, so you dont need to say these things.”

“Of course.

Weve been married for so many years.” Zhang Han laughed and put his arms around Zi Yans shoulders.

“Shall we go for a walk”


The two of them walked around Mount New Moon.

It was very quiet, peaceful, and soothing.

It was like a perfect life, but life would not remain unchanged.

Sometimes there would be trouble.

From the end of August to the end of December.

In four months, Mengmeng was the one who changed the most.

She had learned too much.

Zhang Han taught her about the Dao of plants and vegetation, the array of formations, and even how to refine pellets, as well as the means, methods, and things to pay attention to.

After the initial oppressive teaching, now it became gradual.

She slowly got to know those things and mastered them.

Every day for about three hours, the father and daughter sat together, discussing and sometimes chatting.

Zhang Han enjoyed it very much, and so did Mengmeng.

Generally speaking, children of her age, like Yue Xiaonao, could just take classes once or twice a week.

They liked to go out.

But Mengmeng was different.

She would get upset if she didnt get to see Zhang Han after hanging out for a day.

The progress of the others was also very significant.

Zhang Guangyou, Zhang Mu, Zhao Feng, Jiang Yanlan, and other Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage cultivators could now break through to the Yuan Ying Realm Peak Stage.

However, the environment here did not allow them to achieve it.

They had to wait until they went to the Cultivation World, where they could break through without the suppression of the world rules.

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