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Seeing this, Liu Yan was secretly shocked.

This light wave looked rather ordinary.

One could not even sense too much terrifying power from it.

However, Liu Yans S-grade Omniscient Insight allowed him to sense that the light beam was dangerous.

Even with Liu Yans extraordinary defensive power, he could not withstand it.

If he got hit, he would be seriously injured!

Liu Yan was surprised.

He didnt expect Hans Wilson and the others to have mastered such a skill.

It was the first time Liu Yan had seen a combination skill.

It was rumored that a combination skill required a few people to be proficient with the skill.

It needed a long time of practice and cooperation to use it in actual combat successfully.

A combination skill with such strict requirements would naturally have a terrifying power.

The combination skill gathered the power of a few people through a special method.

When it was gathered, it was not a simple addition of power.

It was a terrifying power that exceeded their levels! It was extremely powerful.

If Liu Yan had not dodged with all his might, he would have really lost this time.

Liu Yan couldnt help but feel a little tempted.

It would be great if he could obtain such a powerful combination skill.

Liu Yans strength was strong, so he naturally didnt need such a combination skill.

However, the experts and ordinary members under him still needed it.

If they had this combination skill, they wouldnt have been so helpless against Moonshine Qilin earlier.

With this combination technique, the power of Zheng Tainan and the other experts would be gathered through this special method.

It would be an extremely terrifying attack!

Liu Yan secretly took note of this in his heart.

He would have to see if he could get combination skill from Hans Wilson and the others.

If they could get their hands on these combination skills, they would be able to improve the combat strength of the ordinary members and the experts of the Land of Origin team.

At the same time, Hans Wilson and the others felt helpless when they saw that their combination of trump cards couldnt do anything to Liu Yan.

It was their trump card, a powerful S-grade combination skill.

The power of S-grade skills was already extremely terrifying, and they were rare combination skills.

The combined skill, Silver Moon Secret Skill, was fast and powerful when the seven people activated it.

Logically speaking, none of the awakened ones on the fifth level of the Tower should be able to dodge this attack.

However, Liu Yan could dodge it in an almost impossible manner.

It was unbelievable.

The failure of this attack also meant that the European Federation team had lost their last chance.

Initially, Hans Wilson had wanted to use this trump card skill to severely injure Liu Yan and make him lose his combat ability.

Without Liu Yan on the other side, the seven would have to use the energy within the radiant body.

They would not be able to fight for a short period.

It was equivalent to exchanging the seven of them for Liu Yan.

However, it was worth it.

Without Liu Yan, the ordinary members of the European Federation team could stick to their previous battle plan.

They could rely on the advantageous terrain and sacrifice the team members to delay the attack of the Land of Origin team.

They still had a chance to last until the reinforcements of the Red Star Empire team came.

However, Hans Wilson did not expect that they would fail.

Such a powerful combination skill, an existence that surpassed his level, was still dodged by Liu Yan.

“How is this possible No awakened ones on the fifth level of the Tower can avoid Secret Moon.” The vice-captain, Derick Dole, shouted in disbelief.

He couldnt accept the truth.

Hearing that, Hans Wilson sighed and said, “Its obvious that Liu Yan has also surpassed the fifth level of the Tower.

Hes already invincible on the fifth level.”

Derek Dole was stunned when he heard this.

He looked at Liu Yan in the sky in disbelief.

He knew that Liu Yan was stronger than all of them.

However, he did not expect Liu Yan to be so powerful.

The surrounding experts had used up all their energy and were sitting on the ground, exhausted.

They had lost all their combat power.

Compared to their physical fatigue, their mental suffering was even more painful.

Despite using all their strength, Liu Yan still dodged their ultimate skill.

All his efforts were in vain.

“I didnt expect Liu Yan to be so powerful.”

“Someone with strength that surpasses the Towers level … Such a person probably wont appear even once in a few decades, right”

“Hes too powerful.

I didnt expect that we would meet such an opponent.”

“It seems like the European Federation team will be eliminated.”

“Sigh, I can only work harder next year.

I wont have the chance this time.”

“Im helpless against an opponent like Liu Yan.

I have no way to deal with him.”

The few experts were all depressed.

They had already given up.

They had no choice but to give up.

The powerful S-grade combination skill, Silver Moon Secret Skill, had already exhausted all their energy and strength.

At this moment, they had lost their combat power.

The experts were not a match for Liu Yan, let alone the ordinary members.

The surrounding ordinary members of the European Federation team were dejected when they saw their Captain and the other experts last desperate attack fail.

Even the combined might of these experts was no match for Liu Yan, let alone them.

Even these couldnt defend themselves against Liu Yans attacks.

Hans Wilson sighed helplessly and said, “We have no other choice.

We can only give up and accept our fate.”

Vice-captain Derick Dole was extremely unwilling at this time and shouted, “No, I dont believe that our entire team cant take down Liu Yan.

Sea Emperor Turtle, come out and fight! All members, activate your long-range attacks and attack Liu Yan together!”

Under Derek Doles orders, all the ordinary members of the European Federation team cast spells one after another.

They were ready to launch long-range attacks to attack Liu Yan.

At the same time, the water surface around the island in the lake suddenly fluctuated.

The next moment, a huge sea turtle appeared and charged toward Liu Yan.

In front of the giant turtle, Liu Yan seemed tiny, like an ant.

However, Liu Yan did not panic in the slightest, as if he had already expected this.

Before the battle began, Liu Yan had already used his S-grade perception skill, Omniscient Insight.

He sensed Sea Emperor Turtle, the guardian beast of the water attribute territory, was hiding under the water.

Sea Emperor Turtle had suppressed its aura and power fluctuations to the best of its ability.

With the obstruction of the waters surface, ordinary people could not detect it at all.

However, Liu Yans Omniscient Insight was a powerful perception skill.

After it was upgraded to S-grade, his sensory ability received a terrifying upgrade.

Naturally, he could sense everything clearly.

When Liu Yan saw Sea Emperor Turtle.

He smiled and said, “Youve finally shown yourself!”

Liu Yan had been waiting for Sea Emperor Turtle to appear.

They could win the battle at once if they defeated the Sea Emperor Turtle in the water attribute territory.

Members of the Land of Origin team would not have to come to the island and defeat the European Federation team, which would save a lot of trouble.

However, Sea Emperor Turtle was hiding at the bottom of the water.

It was hard to predict what would happen under the water, so Liu Yan could not go too deep.

Furthermore, his combat strength would be greatly reduced if he went underwater.

Liu Yan, who was not proficient in water attribute power, naturally could not go underwater.

He could only wait for Sea Emperor Turtle to appear.

Now that Sea Emperor Turtle had finally appeared, it was convenient for Liu Yan to make a move.

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