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Lu Yan arrived beside Ao Yun and looked at the awakened Ao Yun in front of him.

He sensed the familiar undead aura on the other party and smiled.

As expected, the Undead Servant was effective.

This Black Flood Dragon had successfully transformed into his undead!

This made Lu Yan extremely excited.

This was the first time Lu Yan had transformed such a high level demon beast into his undead.

After an epic level demon beast transformed into his undead, he did not know how much strength it could retain.

The flesh and blood on the Black Flood Dragon in front of him did not fall, turning into bones.

It was still its original body.

However, undead power spread out from its body, helping it recover from its injuries.

However, at the same time, the aura of this Black Flood Dragon began to weaken.

Clearly, the restriction effect of the Undead Servant had begun to take effect.

Not all undead transformed by undead servants would transform into bones.

As long as one reached the commander level, they would have a chance to preserve the flesh and blood they had when they were alive.

It was just that their strength would transform into undead power.

The Black Flood Dragon in front of him was still the same as before, but the strength in its body had transformed into undead-type power.

Ao Yun slowly opened his eyes and was stunned.

What was going on

Wasnt he already dead Why had he come back to life

Then, Ao Yun panicked.

What was going on with the power in his body Why had it suddenly transformed into undead power

Moreover, he could clearly sense that the strength in his body was decreasing crazily.

Soon, it stopped when it reached level 25.

“Damn! Whats going on Why has my level 50 strength decreased to level 25 Who did this Do you freaking know how much effort I put in to reach level 50”

Ao Qiangyus entire body trembled.

However, he then discovered something even more terrifying.

An absolute suppression appeared in his soul, preventing him from having any thoughts of disobeying.

He had to listen to the orders of the owner of this power!

As for the owner of this power…

At this moment, Ao Yun noticed Lu Yan in front of him and was directly stunned.

In front of him, Lu Yan was also stunned.

He noticed the abnormality of the Black Flood Dragon in front of him and suddenly realized that something was wrong.

This Black Flood Dragon still had the consciousness it had when it was alive!

This was something Lu Yan had never encountered before.

The undead he had previously transformed, be it low level or high level, even the necromancer had lost his mind after transforming into an undead and only had combat instincts.

However, this Black Flood Dragon clearly still retained its previous consciousness.

Lu Yan could sense it from the way it looked at him.

Ao Yun confirmed again and again that the suppression in the depths of his soul was from Lu Yan in front of him.

His face revealed a hopeless expression.

Although he did not know what exactly was going on, Ao Yun could still figure out the gist of it.

The guy in front of him was clearly a user of undead power.

This guy was probably best at playing with other peoples souls and corpses.

After he died, this guy must have done something to him and recalled his soul before turning him into his servant.

How could he have thought that as an epic level flood dragon that was determined to become a divine dragon, he had actually ended up becoming such a weak servant!

He might as well die!

“Why are you rolling your eyes What do you mean by this” Lu Yan looked at Ao Yun in front of him and raised his eyebrows.

Ao Yun looked at Lu Yan and became angrier the more he thought about it.

He snorted and ignored Lu Yan.

Lu Yan was furious.

He couldnt believe that after the other party transformed into his undead servant, it still dared to be so disrespectful to its master.

With a thought in his mind, Ao Yun in front of him roared in pain on the ground.

“Howl ~”

Ao Yun felt as if his head was instantly pierced by ten thousand needles, as if it was about to explode.

No, it was not his head, but his soul!

Ao Yun could not withstand this pain in the depths of his soul at all.

He kept wailing and his head kept hitting the ground, creating huge pits.

Looking at Ao Yun, who was wailing in pain in front of him, Lu Yans expression was not sympathetic at all.

For Lu Yan, the fact that the transformed undead creatures could preserve the intelligence they had when they were alive was a good thing.

This meant that its memories and strength from when it was alive could be inherited very well.

However, there was also a disadvantage.

After all, he was the one who had killed it.

The other party was probably filled with resentment.

However, he was not afraid.

Since the other party had already transformed into his undead, how could the other party still disobey him

There were many ways to deal with him!

“Big Brother! I was wrong! I was wrong! Stop, stop, I cant take it anymore!”

Ao Yun felt as if his soul was being stirred and was about to turn into paste.

This made him directly give up his arrogance and instantly beg for mercy.

This pain was really not something a human could endure.

Even if he was a flood dragon, he still couldnt endure it.

Lu Yan looked at Ao Yun, who was rolling on the spot, and said coldly, “Call me Master.”


“Master! Master! I was wrong! I really know my mistake! I beg you, dont touch my soul.

I really cant take it anymore!” Ao Yun kept rolling on the ground, looking like he was in so much pain that he wanted to die.

At this moment, Lu Yan stopped punishing Ao Yun and withdrew that force from Ao Yuns soul.

Ao Yun heaved a sigh of relief and lay on the ground.

He felt the pain in the depths of his soul disappear, and his face revealed an expression of having survived a disaster.

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