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Thinking of the description of humans her clansmen had told her about, Yunas face turned pale.

According to her clansmen, humans were depicted to be very malicious.

They would capture their clansmen and sell them as slaves.

However, their clansmen had also encountered good humans.

These humans would help the injured dark elves, but there were not many of them.

Was this human a good person or a bad person

Before Yuna could think clearly, she saw the human quickly stand up.

A pitch-black scythe appeared in his hand and instantly broke the surrounding array formation screen.

Yuna instantly felt the absorption of power on her body disappear.

He was helping her.

This was a good person!

Lu Yan did not expect to be directly sucked into the teleportation formation as soon as he approached.

As soon as he appeared, Lu Yan was instantly vigilant.

There was a very powerful aura around him.

Moreover, there was more than one!

The dense powerful aura made Lu Yans scalp tingle, as if he had fallen into a high level demon lair.

The Black Bone Scythe appeared.

Lu Yan did not hesitate and directly spent all the skill points he had accumulated during this period of time on the Undead Netherworld Armor.

[Undead Netherworld Armor (level 9): Summon the undead power to form a Netherworld Armor around you that can resist any damage.

Current resistance value: 300.

Duration: 40 minutes.

Cooldown time: 2 hours 30 minutes.]

The more he leveled up the Undead Netherworld Armor, the more skill points he needed.

Now, he could only increase it by one level.

However, after leveling up to level nine, the resistance value had increased to 300 and the duration had increased a lot.

Without hesitation, Lu Yan directly used the Undead Netherworld Armor!

The pitch-black armor instantly appeared and directly enveloped Lu Yans body.

At the same time, Lu Yans gaze swept around and directly landed on the Black Flood Dragon in front of him.

What was this place

Not only were there a large number of undead creatures at the side, but their auras were also very dense.

There was actually a Black Flood Dragon in front of them!

As for Yuna, she was directly ignored by Lu Yan.

This was because her aura was very weak and was not a threat to him.

The aura of the Black Flood Dragon in front of Lu Yan was very powerful, making him feel extreme pressure.

However, the Black Flood Dragon looked a little stunned at this moment.

Ao Yun looked at Lu Yan, who had suddenly appeared in front of him, and watched as the other party smashed onto the dark elf princess.

Then, the other party took out the black scythe and slashed open the screen of the sacrificial formation, directly stunning Ao Yan.

Looking at the cut screen, Ao Yun felt his heart bleed.

Did the other party just slash apart the large formation

Wasnt that the same as cutting off his path to becoming a divine dragon


Ao Yun was instantly furious and directly grabbed at the guy who suddenly appeared.

Lu Yans body sank as the Black Bone Scythe in his hand directly welcomed the attack.

Before the Black Bone Scythe could touch Ao Yuns claws, Lu Yans body disappeared, wanting to use the Monarch Netherworld Escape to leave.


In the next moment, Ao Yuns tail directly slapped out and landed in empty space, directly sending Lu Yans body flying.

Lu Yan was shocked.

This Black Flood Dragon had actually directly pulled him out of the space he had escaped from.

This guy was very powerful!

His level was definitely not low!


Lu Yans body was directly sent flying onto the wall behind him, emitting a muffled sound.

The wall of the cave behind him directly cracked.

Then, Lu Yans body slowly slid down and landed on the ground.

Cracks appeared on the Undead Netherworld Armor on his body before directly shattering, unable to withstand Ao Yuns strength at all.

If not for Ao Yun being injured and the drop of blood essence he had just given to the summoning formation, Lu Yan would probably have been severely injured.

Seeing the Undead Netherworld Armor on his body shatter and disappear, Lu Yan was also shocked.

Then, he did not hesitate and directly summoned the two bone dragons.

Then, he summoned all the undead and sent them towards the Black Flood Dragon in front of him.

The two bone dragons were the first to arrive beside the Black Flood Dragon.

However, under Lu Yans gaze, the Black Flood Dragon directly shattered a bone dragon with his claws.

Then, he bit the other bone dragon and instantly shattered the other bone dragons body.

With a swing of his tail, the undead that rushed over fell apart!

Lu Yans face turned pale.

This Black Flood Dragon was at least level 50 and was far from what he could resist now.

At this moment, the undead knights and undead swordsmen that came out of the summoning formation suddenly rushed towards the Black Flood Dragon in front of them, as if they wanted to protect Lu Yan.

Lu Yan was stunned for a moment before finding out that the combat strength of these undead knights and undead swordsmen was actually very high.

However, their level was not very high.

With such high combat strength, their grade was probably relatively high.

At the very least, they were commander level undead knights and undead swordsmen.

At this moment, Lu Yan saw a large amount of lightning appear outside the cave entrance.

There was a very familiar aura!

It was Master Lei Shuo!

Lu Yan was overjoyed.

He looked at the Black Flood Dragon in front of him that had broken through the undead knights and undead swordsmen and his thoughts raced.

Then, Lu Yan directly shouted out of the cave, “Master! Im here.

Ive already found the Black Flood Dragon.”

Then, Lu Yan quickly took out his phone that had no signal and roared inside, “Principal! Ive found the Black Flood Dragon.

Hes injured.

This is a good opportunity to kill him.”

“He is on the teleportation formation I just passed through.

Bring the people from the military region and directly teleport over.

You can face him head-on!”

Ao Yun, who was about to rush towards Lu Yan, suddenly stopped!

Master Principal People from the military region

Ao Yun had been around for very long and had dealt with many human experts.

He naturally knew what these terms meant.

It meant that they were experts among humans!

The powerful human with lightning power outside seemed to have locked their auras in the cave.

In Ao Yuns opinion, the blood-red teleportation formation at the side was probably able to produce a large number of human experts in the next moment.

With his current injuries and the fact that he had just lost a drop of blood essence and had just been injured by the backlash of the sacrificial formation, he would probably directly die if he encountered a human expert!

“Damn it! Damn it!”

Ao Yun looked at Yuna, who had shrunk behind Lu Yan, and directly turned around.

He did not choose to leave through the cave entrance.

Instead, he directly punched a hole in the wall of the cave at the side and quickly escaped.

Lu Yan heaved a sigh of relief.

He did not expect to really deceive this guy.

However, Lu Yan also knew very well that this was because the guy just now seemed to be in a bad state.

“Thank you.

Youre a good person.” At this moment, a voice sounded from behind, making Lu Yan stunned.

Turning around, he saw a beautiful dark elf girl.

She looked pitiful and could not help but want to pity her.

He saved her, but she was treating him as some nice guy

Lu Yan did not know that what Yuna meant to say was that he was a good human.

After glancing at Yuna, Lu Yans gaze landed on the array at the side.

The array seemed to be constantly surging with undead.

There were undead knights, undead swordsmen, and necromancers.

These undead that appeared were at least commander level, but their levels were not high.

They were probably level 25 or 26.

After the Black Flood Dragon left, these undead landed their gazes on Lu Yan.

Lu Yans body instantly tensed up.

He could still deal with level 25 and level 26 commander level undead, but he was unsure if he could handle so many of them.

Especially since he did not have the Undead Netherworld Armor now, he had to be careful.

Just as Lu Yan was thinking about how to block the attacks of these undead and hold on until Lei Shuo came in to save him, the undead in front of him moved.

Five to six undead knights directly dismounted and charged forward with a few undead swordsmen.

Then, they knelt on one knee in front of Lu Yan.

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