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Arrows passed through the dense leaves in front of him and shot towards Bai Yueze.

Bai Yueze rolled and quickly dodged these arrows.

“Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!”

With crisp sounds, several arrows appeared on the ground behind Bai Yueze.

Cold sweat seeped out of Bai Yuezes forehead.

If not for the fact that he had dodged in time, these arrows would probably have directly pierced through his body.

From the sound, one could tell how sharp these arrows were.

Turning around, Bai Yueze saw the archers behind him quickly disappear.

Holding the spear, Bai Yueze quickly retreated.

The enemy in front of him was unknown, but just the arrows the other party shot at him made him feel full pressure.

After that, there were no more attacks in front of him, as if everything was too calm.

Bai Yueze did not dare to be careless and carefully stared ahead as he retreated.

The other party was definitely not a demon.

They were very likely a foreign race and there were many of them.

Under such circumstances, it was best not to fight the other party head-on.

He had to retreat from this area first.

Even if it meant taking a detour, he could no longer continue down the same path.

After retreating to a safe place, Bai Yueze took a detour to the side, prepared to circle around the area in front of him just now.

Behind the forest not far behind Bai Yueze, Liu Quans figure appeared.

Looking at Bai Yuezes actions, Liu Quan nodded in satisfaction.

This Bai Yueze was still very insightful and knew that he needed to retreat at this moment and circle around the surrounding area.

However, looking at the forest in front of him, Liu Quan frowned.

Why were the dark elves here

If not for the fact that he had just released his aura and let those dark elves retreat, Bai Yueze would probably have suffered.

Forget it, he would check on the other new students first.

Liu Quans figure disappeared again.

With a tragic cry, Lu Yan killed the surrounding demon beasts.

A large number of undead began to appear and join Lu Yans undead army.

With the two bone dragons, Lu Yan was almost unstoppable.

The surrounding demon beasts were directly swept clean by Lu Yan.

A large number of demon beasts were killed, and the number of the undead army quickly expanded.

After panting slightly, Lu Yan removed the two bone dragons.

It was almost nighttime.

If he wanted to hunt high level demon beasts at night, he had to slow down and rest.

Maintaining two bone dragons was still very tiring.

He would rest first.

Lu Yan lay on the undead rhinoceros and closed his eyes to recover his mental strength.

He planned to see how much mental strength he could recover at night later.

If it was not enough, he would eat something to recover his mental strength.

The surrounding undead patrolled the surroundings and helped Lu Yan create a good resting environment.

At this moment, a large number of dark elves were searching for traces of the dark elf princess in the surroundings, and Ao Yun was still working on the last bit of outline of the sacrificial array.

The ten new students were heading towards their destination along the route, while Liu Quan and Lei Shuo were protecting them.

The three sides had not come into special contact yet, but it felt as if a storm was brewing quietly.

At night, Lu Yan slowly opened his eyes.

His mental strength had already recovered a lot.

He did not need to consume anything to recover his mental strength for the time being.

Lu Yan stretched his waist and discovered that he had already arrived at the place where he had fought the necromancer previously.

He would search the surroundings for prey first.

Lu Yan directly sent the surrounding undead out and began to search for the surrounding high level demon beasts, prepared to welcome them back to his undead family.

Soon, the surrounding undead found a prey.

It was a commander level earth dragon.

Although its grade was not very high, its level was still very high and it should be at level 30.

With Lu Yans current four attributes, he could still take on the other party.

After arriving at the area of the earth dragon, Lu Yan skillfully completed all the actions he needed to take in advance.

With the Black Bone Scythe in hand, Lu Yan took a deep breath and was the first to attack.

His body quickly disappeared.

When Lu Yan appeared again, he was already behind the earth dragon.

With the Black Bone Scythe in his hand, he slashed at the earth dragons neck.

This earth dragon was not that vigilant.

It only reacted when the Black Bone Scythe landed on its neck.

However, this earth dragon was still very thick-skinned.

The Black Bone Scythe only directly tore a hole in its neck.

The earth dragon roared angrily and then turned around to bite Lu Yan.

Lu Yan waved the Black Bone Scythe in his hand to block the earth dragons attack.

Then, the surrounding undead rushed over.

The lord level Red Flame Tiger that had become Lu Yans undead was the first to pounce over and directly fight this earth dragon.

The outcome of the battle between the two sides was difficult to determine.

Although the level of the Undead Red Flame Tiger was higher than the earth dragon, its level was inferior to the earth dragon.

The two sides still seemed to fight with equal strength.

However, under the siege of the surrounding undead, this earth dragon was still quickly defeated and was personally killed by Lu Yan.

Unfortunately, this earth dragon did not successfully transform into his undead.

Through this period of battle, Lu Yan concluded a pattern.

That was, after killing the demon beast, the other partys level would affect whether or not they would transform into his undead.

If the grade was very high but the level was not high, the success rate would still be very high.

After gathering the corpses of the earth dragons on the ground, Lu Yan continued to advance towards his next destination.

He would hunt in the first half of the night and travel in the second half of the night.

This way, he would definitely be able to reach his final destination before dawn.

Soon, some of the surrounding high level demon beasts were tragically killed by Lu Yan and joined Lu Yans undead family.

In the latter half of the night, Lu Yan suddenly thought of something.

He had previously thought of exploring the surrounding area.

After all, Lu Fang and the military seemed to be searching for something.

After identifying his location, Lu Yan headed towards the venue where he had fought the necromancer not far away.

Ao Yun lay on the ground and was seriously outlining the sacrificial formation.

This damn formation was even harder than he had imagined, so it took a bit longer.

However, it was almost done.

Beside Ao Yun, the Dark Elf Princess Yuna was looking at Ao Yuns huge body in horror.

She had woken up tonight, but her body was trapped by Ao Yun.

Her mouth was also sealed by a spell and she could not speak.

Yuna had always been in the Dark Elf Tribe.

As a princess, she lived a carefree life.

Originally, she was about to become an adult and could go out to hunt in a few days.

She did not expect to be suddenly kidnapped by this flood dragon.

Although she did not know what this Black Flood Dragon wanted to do, looking at the array on the ground, Yuna felt that something was wrong.

This guy was definitely up to no good.

However, she was unable to move or make a sound now.

She could only watch helplessly as Ao Yun worked.


It was finally done.

Ao Yun heaved a sigh of relief and had already outlined the sacrificial formation on the ground.

However, at this moment, Ao Yuns body tensed up again as he retracted his aura.

He sensed that powerful force again.

“Damn, could that guy have targeted this place Why does he keep appearing in the surroundings from time to time

“When the sacrificial array is activated, an aura will leak.

If the other party did not go far, he will definitely rush over to check.

“After absorbing the sacrifice power, I wont be able to move.

If Im discovered, itll be over!

“No, no, I have to think of a way!”

Ao Yun frowned and wanted to think of a foolproof plan.

Seal the cave

It was useless.

His aura would still be leaked.

However, what else could he do

Ao Yun frowned and suddenly saw the array formation under the soil in the cave!

There was still the array formation Moreton wanted to use to summon Lord Netherworld!

“I got it! This summoning formation has already been completed.

Im just short of some blood essence.

Ill inject the blood essence and directly summon that lich Lord Netherworld.

Ill let it attract the attention of the people outside and I can activate the sacrificial formation without anyone knowing.”

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