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Snow Leopard

“Okay!” The captain nodded and looked at Captain Zheng.

“Wolf Spider, the commander has told me everything, so I dont need your help here.

You are allowed to leave.”

Hearing this, Captain Zheng frowned.

He still nodded and said to Yan Wuyue, “My mission is complete.

The captain of Spector 3 will show you around.

I have to go.”

“Wolf Spider, thank you.

I dont know if she can make it, but thank you still.” the strong woman said gratefully.

“Its nothing,” Captain Zheng left after he finished speaking.

The strong woman turned to Yan Wuyue and said, “I am Polar Bear.”

“This is Red-tailed Monkey,” she said, pointing at the ponytail girl.

She then pointed at the woman who was sleeping earlier and said, ” “Shes called a Sloth,”

She then pointed at the woman reading the book.

“Her name is Giraffe, and I am sure you know this is Red Fox.”

“We are a female special forces squad.

Newbies are usually not allowed to know our nicknames before passing the test, but I think the commander wouldnt send someone incapable here.”

“Theres no need to tell us your real name.

Just give yourself a nickname now.”

“Snow Leopard,” Yan Wuyue narrowed her eyes said.

Polar Bear was stunned for a moment, then nodded and smiled.”Snow Leopard, just like you, its a good name.”

“Were going on a reconnaissance mission, which will also be the assessment for you to see if you are qualified for the team.

Do you still need to pack anything ”

“I am good,” Yan Wuyue shook his head.

“Ive been prepared for this moment.”

Polar Bear looked at her with approval and said, “The commander is right.

You were born to be a warrior.”

Then, she turned around and shouted at the others, “Didnt you hear me Move your a*s and pack up for the mission!”

The others immediately reacted and quickly took out their battle equipment to change.

However, they suddenly stopped before taking off their clothes.

Then, everyones eyes turned to the door of the room, to the figure who had been standing there silently.

“This is my summoned spirit.

Its an undead spirit.

You can call him Skeleton.” Yan Wuyue didnt want to make things complicated, so he gave a simple introduction.

“Oh, so its just a skeleton.

Its fine then.” Red Fox began to change her clothes.

[Close your eyes now if you dont want to due.

] Yan Wuyue sent a message to him.

[I already closed them before you told me.

Im not the kind of person you think I am.] Zhou Mingrui replied with a calm voice.

However, even though Zhou Mingrui said so, he had seen everything in the room.

“Wow, look at her.

Tsk, tsk.

With that oversized outfit, I didnt see this coming.”

Zhou Mingrui was amazed as he checked the Special Forces members in the room, but he passed the captain, Polar Bear.

“Why do I feel like someone is looking at me” Giraffe, who was changing her equipment, asked in confusion.

“Oh, could it be Wolf Spider is secretly watching us from outside” Red Fox finished changing and glanced at the window.

“Stop talking! Change your clothes!” Polar Bear growled.

At that moment, Zhou Mingrui noticed that Red-tailed Monkey had taken a few more glances at him after changing her clothes as if she had noticed something.

Her behavior stopped him and made him not dare to keep looking at them.

Only then did Red-tailed Monkey turn around, so Zhou Mingrui was even more certain of what was in his mind.

Soon, everyone had changed into their equipment and gathered outside the building.

“Snow Leopard, cant you put your summoned spirit back into your summoning space for now” Giraffe suddenly looked at Yan Wuyue and said.

“He doesnt like it and will resist if I do so.” Yan Wuyue shrugged helplessly.

“Theres such a thing What kind of contract did you sign” Red Fox asked in surprise.

“An equality contract,” Yan Wuyue answered directly.

“An equality contract How talented is your summoned spirit so that you are willing to sign this equality contract” Red Fox exclaimed again.

“Can I keep it to myself” Yan Wuyue said with a hesitant expression.

“Of course, you can.

We wont force you if you dont tell us,” Sloth quickly said.

“If thats the case, then this guy wont go back even if we carry out a special mission or a mission that requires us to be hidden” Polar Bear suddenly asked.

“Dont worry about that, captain.

He wont refuse my orders if necessary,” Yan Wuyue promised immediately.

“Thats good, then.

Lets go,” Polar Bear gave the order, and everyone immediately set off for the square.

[ You gotta be careful.

If you get exposed and cause trouble, its not my problem,] Yan Wuyue complained.

[ I know, but you have to be careful of Red-tailed Monkey.

She seemed to have noticed something when we were in the dormitory.] Zhou Mingrui sent a voice transmission.

[ Did she catch you watching them changing their clothes] Yan Wuyue immediately noticed something was wrong and asked.

[Excuse me She looked at me, so I looked back, ] Zhou Mingrui hurriedly said.

[ Alright, Ill be careful.

I hope youre not lying to me,] Yan Wuyue warned him.

Soon, the squad arrived at the square, where a helicopter was already waiting.

After signing the mission handover form with the pilot, everyone boarded the plane and left the base, flying quickly toward the south.

After about ten minutes of flight, Zhou Mingrui could see the city.

However, the city had become empty at this time.

There were only supplies being transported and patrolling troops coming and going.

After flying for a while, they soon saw the Great Steel Wall that had been built with a lot of manpower and resources.

At this moment, the Great Steel Wall seemed to have had a war.

There were defensive weapons everywhere, emitting white smoke, and injured soldiers were lying on the ground as they panted.

From above, they could see the bodies of the monsters scattered all over the city wall.

Moreover, soldiers constantly threw the bodies of the monsters outside.

The steel wall was full of holes and dents, and some of them were even deformed from the impact.

It was clear how terrifying the monstersnumbers the force was.

At that moment, Zhou Mingrui finally experienced the horror of the beast tide.

His strength alone seemed to be nothing in the face of this beast tide.

However, he quickly recovered.

As long as he was strong enough, he could easily deal with monsters of this level without overthinking.

Strength was the foundation of everything.

A moment later, the helicopter began to slow down and gradually landed after finding an open space.

“Alright, this is our destination.”

Polar Bear jumped off the plane, and the others quickly followed.

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