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The Spectral Hell Warhorses body burst into flames as it charged forward with Zhou Mingrui.

[Come up!]

After Zhou Mingrui called out to Yan Wuyue, he lifted her up onto his warhorse.

Yan Wuyue didnt resist.

She sat in front of Zhou Mingrui, and the two of them got away from the Stone King Dragon with the speed of the hell warhorse.

The Stone King Dragon immediately turned around, and its huge body slammed into the rocky hills.

The hill in Zhou Mingrui and Yan Wuyues eyes was like a small hill in front of the Stone King Dragon.

It was flattened by its huge and solid body.

From the Stone King Dragons perspective, its speed wasnt actually that fast.

However, it was a different case when measured in terms of Zhou Mingruis speed.

[Why are my words so accurate And this Stone King Dragon is almost a thousand meters long.

F*ck it!]

Even though the petite figure in his arms was alluring, Zhou Mingrui was in no mood to care about such things.

He turned around and saw the Stone King Dragon, who occupied most of his vision.

He was so angry that he cursed, [No, this must be the work of that bastard hiding behind the scenes.

Dont let me find an opportunity in the future, or Ill definitely beat that guy up!]

Yan Wuyue rolled her eyes helplessly.

[Although I know that you really dont have that intention, I have to say that you really are…]

[Youre still mocking me at a time like this!]

Zhou Mingrui was extremely depressed.

It was fine if Yan Wuyue didnt comfort him, but why did she start to mock him

The movements of the Stone King Dragon behind them were getting louder and louder.

After it had locked on to their direction, it even began to chase after them.

The Stone King Dragons speed was extremely fast, and the tremors it caused were like a magnitude 8 earthquake.

If it wasnt for the hell warhorses ability to easily gallop, ordinary horses would have been in trouble.

But even so, he couldnt increase the distance between the Stone King Dragon at all.

In fact, he was getting closer.

[No, we cant increase the distance at all.

If this continues, itll catch up very soon!] Yan Wuyue said immediately after judging the speed and distance between them.

[Then what should we do We definitely cant beat it.

We cant even run away.

Are we going to go back and court death] Zhou Mingrui shouted helplessly.

[Its impossible for us to go back.

Were no match for it even if we use all our trump cards.

Even if I immediately have the strength of my previous life, its still not enough!] Yan Wuyue was also helpless.

[Wouldnt that be a dead end] Zhou Mingrui said with a headache.

[Wait!] Suddenly, Zhou Mingrui thought of something.

He immediately said, [Cant we go out]

However, Yan Wuyue shook her head and said, [Ive tried it before.

Before the Stone Dragon King fully appeared, I tried to open the dimension portal, but there was no reaction.]

[So youre saying that we cant leave even if we want to] Zhou Mingruis expression darkened completely.

[Thats right.

Ive thought of all the possible ways.] Yan Wuyues eyes were cold, but she didnt show any panic.

She continued, [You dont have to think about stopping it and letting me run first.

With your strength, you probably wont even be able to stop it for a second before youll be destroyed.]

Zhou Mingrui gritted his teeth and said, [Then what should we do Are we just going to wait for our deaths]

[Im thinking!] Yan Wuyue said concisely.

The Stone King Dragon saw that the two of them were running away, and it couldnt catch up with them.

It became furious, and it swung its tail to increase its speed.

As the earth quaked, The Stone King Dragon quickly closed the distance between the two.

It opened its mouth and roared at them.

The two of them on the hell warhorse suddenly felt a hurricane behind them.

If they had not held on to the hell warhorse tightly, they would have been sent flying into the air.

At that moment, Zhou Mingrui turned his head to take a look.

The Stone King Dragons massive body made him feel like he was standing in front of a mountain.

There was almost nothing else in his field of vision.

The pair of sky-blue eyes in the crack in the stone had a terrifying gaze that made his heart palpitate.

[I dont believe it.

Doesnt the Stone King Dragon have any weaknesses] Zhou Mingrui asked indignantly.

[It has.

Its mental resistance is lower than its other attributes, but thats relative.

Even if we were a hundred times stronger, we wouldnt be able to shake it!] Yan Wuyue explained helplessly.

[F*ck!] Zhou Mingrui could only curse.

Although he had previously used his full strength to defeat the fifth master of the Zhao family, that was because the other party was too arrogant, which ultimately led to his failure.

Even if the fifth master of the Zhao family used his full power, he would be nothing more than a slightly bigger ant in front of the Stone King Dragon.

[Wuyue!] At that moment, Zhou Mingrui suddenly asked.

[Why Have you thought of a way] Yan Wuyue responded.

[In the future, how will the powerful opponents you mentioned compare to this Stone King Dragon] Zhou Mingrui asked.

Yan Wuyues eyebrows moved slightly, and then she answered, [At least, the ones I killed at the end were no match for the Stone King Dragon.

Im not sure about the ones that are hiding further back.]

[However, with the Stone King Dragons strength, if it were to appear on that battlefield, it would be able to easily crush more than 90% of the monsters.]


Just as the two of them were conversing, the Stone King Dragon suddenly raised its tail and slammed it on the ground.

A magnitude 11 earthquake shook the earth, and even the Spectral Hell Warhorse could not stand still.

A large piece of the ground under its feet was lifted into the air by the huge impact.

The hell warhorse could only leap between the boulders, but its speed had still been reduced.

[What do you want to do] Yan Wuyue, who seemed to have noticed something, immediately asked, [Dont do anything stupid.

Its no use!]

Zhou Mingrui narrowed his eyes and said, [How would I know if I dont try]

With that said, a light projection suddenly appeared beside Zhou Mingrui.

After it took form, it was the Goblin King.

[Seize the opportunity.

If you can live, you must live!]

Zhou Mingruis eyes narrowed the moment he said that.

He immediately used his secret skill — Soul Attachment and entered the Goblin Kings body.

Because of the first fusion, this fusion was successful very quickly.

The Goblin King turned around and jumped, using the giant rock to jump toward the Stone King Dragon.

[Zhou Mingrui, you bastard!]

Yan Wuyue didnt let the hell warhorse stop running.

Her rationality, experience, and survival instinct were telling her not to turn back and to run at full speed.

She knew very well that if she turned back now, she would lose everything.

Therefore, Yan Wuyue could only grit her teeth and continue to drive the hell warhorse to escape quickly, not even daring to look back.

She had to escape.

Only then would she live up to Zhou Mingruis choice and actions.

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