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[I dont believe that you, Yan Wuyue, will give up or surrender so easily.

Where are your ambitions, your unruly nature, youre calculative, your…]

[Shut up!]

Yan Wuyue raised her head and shouted, [Zhou Mingrui, what are you saying Am I that kind of person]

The corners of Zhou Mingruis lips curled up, but he still said unhappily, [Then why do I see a hint of cowardice and avoidance in your eyes]

Yan Wuyue said after panting slightly, [Thats because you dont understand.

Were already walking on thin ice.

If we fail, well never be able to turn the tables.]

Zhou Mingrui understood that Yan Wuyues pressure had increased significantly after learning of the prophecy.

But even so, Zhou Mingrui still had to say that some things had to be faced in advance in order to be prepared.

Otherwise, if he only learned about this when he went further, the blow would be even greater, and it might even seriously damage his state of mind.

Sitting down beside Yan Wuyue, Zhou Mingrui patted her on the shoulder and said, [You should understand how big of a thing you want to do.

Do you think its realistic if you dont have any setbacks and difficulties]

[The more difficult and troublesome it is, the more it proves that you have chosen the right path.

Otherwise, where did these things come from Have you ever seen a useless road full of difficulties]

Yan Wuyue let out a sigh of relief and said, [I understand.

You dont have to tell me.]

Zhou Mingrui laughed.

[Besides, youre not alone.

You still have me to accompany you, dont you]

[If there are difficulties, we will eliminate them together.

If there are troubles, we will solve them together.

If there are people who are not sensible, we will kill them together!]

[This is the path we should take.

Otherwise, why would you live your life again!]

After hearing this, Yan Wuyues eyes suddenly opened.

All the entanglement in her heart disappeared at this moment, and her eyes became bright again.

[Lets go, and not waste any more time here.] Yan Wuyue suddenly stood up and said.

[Mhm, this is the Yan Wuyue I know.] Zhou Mingrui nodded in relief.

[I still remember the parts about me being unruly and calculative.] Yan Wuyue chuckled.

[… I just said those things in a hurry.

Just pretend you didnt hear me.] Zhou Mingrui blinked helplessly.

At that time, he couldnt think of any beautiful words at the moment, so he could only force himself to come up with some words to deal with the situation.

Who knew that this girl would actually take it all to heart

[About that, Im sorry.] Zhou Mingrui had no choice but to resolve it.

[What are you apologizing for Youre not in the wrong.

Ive always been a petty woman.] Yan Wuyue said indifferently.

[When did I say you were petty] Zhou Mingrui was rendered speechless.

[Didnt you say that Im a calculative person] Yan Wuyue asked.

[What does this have to do with being petty] Zhou Mingrui said with a frown.

[If Im generous, I wouldnt care about these small details and small amounts of money, right] Yan Wuyue stopped, turned around, and said with a crooked smile.

[How can this be related] Zhou Mingrui was completely dumbfounded.

[Alright, Im just teasing you.

Dont look like that.] Just as Zhou Mingrui was speechless, Yan Wuyue patted him on the shoulder and laughed.

Zhou Mingrui was speechless.

He immediately felt as if he had lost all will to live.

[I think, if I were the one behind this, I wouldnt let the two of us wander around in the alternate space so safely.] Zhou Mingrui suddenly said.

Yan Wuyue turned to look at him in astonishment and said, [Did you lose your memory after entering the white fog]

[Why do you say that] Zhou Mingrui did not quite understand.

Rubbing her temples, Yan Wuyue helplessly said, [Did you forget that I said that under certain circumstances, your mouth will be as accurate as if its blessed]

Zhou Mingruis mouth opened slightly as he hesitated to speak.

[Have you forgotten about the Stone Mantis] Yan Wuyue added.

[N-no way.

I didnt say that there would be any monsters.] Zhou Mingrui scratched his head.

[Its too late.] Yan Wuyue shook her head helplessly.

[So what if it appears Do you think itll appear immediately] Zhou Mingrui immediately took the lead and questioned her directly.


As soon as he finished speaking, the ground under his feet suddenly shook violently, and the surrounding stones immediately rolled down while it was trembling.

[Now, do you know why I said its too late] Yan Wuyue was a little angry and a little helpless.

[How would I know that its really that effective] Zhou Mingrui was rendered speechless.

He did not have such an attribute in the past.

Why did it suddenly turn out this way He was also dumbfounded.

The earth trembled more and more violently, and even the higher mountains began to crack and collapse.

Not far away from them, a hill had collapsed.

Countless gravel fell, and deafening sounds came from all directions.

Upon seeing this scene, Zhou Mingrui frowned and subconsciously said, [Could this be the appearance of a large monster Could it be the Stone King Dragon you mentioned before]

Zhou Mingrui immediately felt embarrassed after saying that.

He wanted to explain himself, but he couldnt find the words.

Just as he finished speaking, a loud roar resounded through the heavens and the earth.

The sound waves that were visible to the naked eye actually rippled out in the air.

[This is bad.

The noise is coming from a huge monster, and the roar might really be from the Stone King Dragon!] Yan Wuyue looked at Zhou Mingrui with a bitter expression.

[I-I-I…] Zhou Mingrui was at a loss for words.

[Why are you stuttering Hurry up and run!] Yan Wuyue had no more energy to complain.

After kicking Zhou Mingrui, she turned and ran.

Zhou Mingrui shuddered as well and ran off.

What a joke.

According to Yan Wuyue, if they really encountered the Stone King Dragon, they would have a 10% chance of survival.

No, it should be a 0% chance of survival.

It wasnt something that the two of them could harass with their current strength.

Once they provoked it, they might be killed in seconds.

Just as they were about to run, the ground suddenly cracked open as the earth shook violently.

Then, an extremely huge figure appeared from the crack.

Yan Wuyue took a look out of the corner of her eye, and her expression changed drastically.

[Hurry up and run! Thats the Stone King Dragon! You really have a blessed mouth!]

Zhou Mingrui was also shocked.

Even without Yan Wuyues warning, he knew that this monster was not to be trifled with.

The twos speed suddenly increased again.

At this time, they didnt care whether they would be discovered or not.

If they didnt run and stayed in place, they would really be courting death!

However, the Stone King Dragon seemed to have locked onto the two of them.

As soon as it came out, its gaze was directed at them.

Yan Wuyues hair stood on end, and a great sense of danger suddenly arose.

She immediately burst out the energy in her body and used a skill to increase her speed to the greatest extent.

Zhou Mingrui naturally sensed it as well.

He immediately summoned his Spectral Hell Warhorse and activated his Flame Charge skill.

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