Naija Kids Getting Nuts Lately.

Is this the end of the world as we know it? Nigerian kids are getting all blown out and facebook is helping them show off their madness, meanwhile we got this pics from Facebook. if you know these two tell them we are disappointed in them.

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  • justice_for_sale

    why blame them when doctors have said that regular and vigorous sucking of female breasts helps reduces the risk of breast cancer and the news is all over the internet calling on guys to help save a life by sucking ladies breasts! that’s what u get when u ve social media all over the place spreading this kind of news. ladies are now giving their breasts for free sucking cos they do not want to have cancer.

  • Lderulo24

    this picture was taken at a nite club in ghana (accra 2 be precise) oooooo!!!you guys should get your facts right before you mislead and eventually lose your followers

  • Negzy

    guy u don fuck-up

  • Jomelyn Mendo

    this is very very very bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don;t Like it@f2bd94ba6e51e47d395b0b19a9b1d8bc:disqus !!!!!!!!!!! :(

  • IknowwNigeria

    Who will tell Nigerian leaders to stop looting 

  • bonfree

     Lord giv us wisdom & undastandin

  • Tunsiade44p

    Even if the guy is sitting on his brain,…the girl is very stupid and has no dignity.