My Oga at the top: Watch the Funny Video Mash Up of the NSCDC Interview #MyOgaAtTheTop

My Oga at the top

“ My oga at the top ” – five words that have caused a frenzy in all of Nigerian social media the past few days. It’s gotten so big that there are even “my oga at the top” tee shirts, amongst the hilarious array of memes and interestingly captioned photos. So, it’s really not surprising when we woke up this morning to an inbox full of “My Oga At The Top” remixes, from songs to videos, videos spoofs and mash-ups.

Just in case you are ‘carrying last’ and don’t know about this social media trend, My Oga at the top {click here}.

Oga at the top

Now for those who do know, we thought it just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t share some of the delights we found online, most especially this super-catchy remix video of the interview.

Check on it!

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