Lagos to legalise cremation as morgues fill up:

Preparing human for cremation

Cremation, a practice alien to Nigerian culture, (although reportedly being carried out secretly in some families) may soon gain prominence in La-gos, the country’s most populous state, if the State House of Assembly goes ahead to pass a bill backing it.

Cremation is the art of burning corpses and then collecting the ashes for burial or ‘something’ else.

BusinessDay CityFile gathered that a bill that will give birth to a law enabling cremation to be lawfully practised in Lagos is being fine-tuned by the state lawmakers. The bill, which BusinessDay CityFile learnt has gone through first and second readings, and now cur-rently at the report stage, is being consid-ered at this point in time in the history of the state, to enable government deal with the increasing challenge of managing of unclaimed/abandoned corpses in public mortuaries in Lagos…~Businessday

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