Gays and Lesbians: Return Our Rights to Love.

Nigerian gay community in the United Kingdom will be protesting against Anti-Same Sex Laws passed by the National Assembly last year.

These groups are angered by the Anti-Same Sex law that restricted or bared them from showing affection to their love mates in public, a right still available to those claiming to be ‘straight’.

The date of the protest is 17 May, 2012, Time; 15:00 at the premises of Nigerian high Commission, Nigeria House, 9 Northumberland Avenue London.
Similar protest will also be taking place in Nigerian cities soonest, according to the group.

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  • Don_lizzy


  • Atiku_talba

    May Allah guide them towards the right part. Ameen

  • Oluwatoye

    I pray rain and fire fall on them all shameless people is that what they should be protesting about?

  • Joe2ng

    The devil has blind folded many from seeing the reality. One of the purpose of marriage is pro-creation, can there be fruitfulness in such? Well it is call protest, and even the lunatics will be o n the street.