Fani-Kayode Dated Bianca Ojukwu and This Igbo Lady Is Angry (See Tweets)


While trying to defend himself that he is not an Igbo hater, following the coordinated criticisms against him by some Igbos, former minister Femi Fani-Kayode made a startling revelation. He revealed that he of all people shouldn’t be described as a tribal bigot because he once dated Bianca Onu, an Igbo lady.

So, this Igbo lady is not happy with Fani-Kayode’s exposé and he promptly replied her, asking if it is paining her that he enjoyed such a beautiful woman. Lolz! See their funny exchange below:

 Fani-Kayode is a sharp shooter….so he enjoyed a long-standing and intimate relationship with Bianca?

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  • Micheal Cooper

    he’s a gold digger nothing more..

  • Jozdan

    I’m sorry for this country called Nigeria. Is this lunatic supposed to
    be a Nigerian official? And he isn’t ashamed to expose his own anus in
    public. If this fool is truly De-tribalized, he will not be playing the
    fool using diplomatic means for self-defense. The fact that he could
    talk about his domestic matter in public shows how fierce his attack on
    the Igbo is since this statement is all about igbo women and
    Fani-Kayode. Why concentrate only on Igbo women? a womanizer like this
    guy who is not ashamed of himself should have talked about other women
    from may be, Housa, Edo, Ibibio etc… if he truly is not an Igbo hater and if he truly is de-tribalized.

  • Gboson

    Because he is an irresponsible OKE-EWU / OKE MKPI and MBUBAH NMOO! That is why he lost the lovely Angels That was given to you, our ladies are made Divinely Gorgeous for the responsible Men with Diamond attracting eye,to see the BEAUTY in our Igbo Ladies !, so go to hell loser !
    Our ladies left you because they were smart enough that you’re an responsible
    HE GOAT!

  • nzube udemba



    The Honourable Femi Fani-Kayode’s father was a great nationalist and his talented sister’s creative efforts helped jump-start Nollywood, Africa’s greatest artistic expression and the only voice we have in world media.

    Femi is a child of privilege and should be grateful to providence but he is shockingly full of bile and hatred for others. Every time this fine young man expresses himself he unleashes venom, calling for division violence and insinuating the necessity for a repeat of fratricidal bloodletting. He has a stunted view of history based more on vehemence than reality. He lives and represents only the nostalgic past, the glorious days of his father. That, for Hon. Fani-Kayode was when history stopped.

    He selects and modifies reality and creates fictitious motivations for terrible events, to suite his vile objective of tribal vindictiveness, and willfully disseminates crafted falsehood as history. This is very dishonest. However the gallant and highly civilized Yorubas know better than to be led by vacuous individuals whose articulation of life is based on cruelty and division and never peaceful cohabitation and progress.

    If the Hon. Dr Orji Uzor Kalu called Lagos a’ No Man’s Land’, that is his personal opinion and Fani-kayode cannot attribute that to all the innocent Igbo people who do not hold such a view. I met people when I came to Lagos and they were mostly Yoruba and they were good to me and I love them.

    All Igbo know that Lagos is Yorubaland. But no Nigerian will be regarded as a Guest in any part his fatherland. I doubt that Fani-kayode with his ethnic bigotry has ever spoken to any Igbo person about whether we appreciate the Yorubas or not. Most Igbo in Lagos have embraced Yoruba language, culture, music and culinary habits, and yes they have a right to claim them because that is where they live, that is the reality many of them were born into and no one should begrudge them that.

    Most of the Ibos advocating for Biafra did not see it and so have no idea what it represents. Therefore I never take them seriously because they don’t know what the hell they are talking about, and those other Nigerians in liaison with them, advocating for Balcanization of the nation must know that if this oddity ever takes place, their tiny enclaves will be virtually recolonized by bigger nations as the Indians and Pakistanis have done in African mushroom nations like Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

    Unfortunately, much of Fani-Kayode’s conclusions are based on xenophobic suspicion rather than facts. Let me attempt to educate the aristocratic former minister, even though I know it will be difficult. Femi, the Igbo left Nigeria because they were victims of pogroms that were the aftermath of a military coup in which they had no hand as they were not soldiers, the violence of which many of us Igbo, including myself, repudiate, ( please read my book Weapons of Biafra currently being serialized in the National Edifice magazine), and were forced back into the Nigerian federation in 1970 at the points of guns and starvation and compelled to return to major Nigerian cities like Lagos. Being of nationalist rather than tribal inclination, the Igbo subsequently became part of these societies and contribute immensely to building them.

    We appreciate being given back our properties and jobs by the Yoruba and that is why we have come in droves and helped them build a mega city. Look at those towns that grabbed Igbo property. They still use bucket latrines and have not been able to maintain the houses they stole or move beyond that state of development till date. They are still in the 60s and violence, bloodletting and underdevelopment has been their curse.

    I have never met any Ibo person that is claiming Lagos as his own. We know that Lagos is Yorubaland but we also know that have a right to be there because we are Nigerians, just as every Nigerian has a right to be in any part of the federation. It is not for Hon. Fani-Kayode to decide who lives where and who should be deported to where. But luckily Fani-Kayode does not represent the thinking of the vast majority of intelligent progressive peace-loving Yorubas. The fact is that the Igbo have contributed in no small measure to the development of Lagos State and other states of Nigeria where they reside, all Lagosians know Igbo contribution. If the Hon. Fani-Kayode truly doubts Igbo contribution in Lagos and wishes to make a factual, not fictional comparative analysis, he should please visit Idi Araba where the Hausas settled over 50 years ago and see if he will find one decent building or expansive business outfit there. This is because the Hausas do not take that place as home the way the Igbo take anywhere they live to be their home. He may juxtapose it with Berger where the Igbo came to in the late 80s, Festac, Satelite, Okota, Ejigbo, Ajah, Kirikiri, Aguda, ( to mention but a few), and the building and development of some of the biggest markets in the world in Lagos, then he will begin to understand what it means to contribute to development and maybe show respect to those of us who have had to work hard to build cities and commerce and did not get nominated for ministerial appointments because of our family names.
    What we need is the kind of conciliatory meeting that the able Gov. Fashola has held with Igbo leaders. We all need each other. But one thing am sure we do not need is false, tribal, divisive, irresponsible, ungodly outbursts of haunted unhappy loveless vindictive spirits.

  • Prince Uzaka

    Must you come out to say such rubbish ? It simply means this man is nothing but a mature fool . And for she, play cool and embrace GOD. We all have our past yet GOD gave us all a secsecond chance.