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D’banj set to launch his record label; DKM Records

  • Posted On: 15th June 2012
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00a Dbanj set to launch his record label; DKM Records

DKM stands for D’Koko Master Records and Kayswitch is the only artiste signed to D’banj record label for now. Heard a few more artistes will be unveiled in the coming months.

D’Koko Master Records will be officially launched in Lagos at a concert that will feature D’banj, Kayswitch and other DKM artists.

And contrary to popular reports that Davido is signed to D’banj’s label, we can confirm to you that Davido is not signed with Dbanj. Davido is signed to his own record label, HKN Records. He’s only doing some musical collaborations with D’banj

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