Brazilian Man Pays Doctors To Make Him Look Like A Dog (See Shocking Photos )

A man in Brazil has undergone surgery to look like a dog. According to reports, the man in question loves dogs and wants to look like them. His eyebrows, mouth, ears and part of his head were all worked on. The pictures are very disturbing. Photos below:

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  • Judith

    The whites can just be crazy sometimes. Sigh

  • kool leo

    dis man is evil

  • Agiwin

    Dear Lord pls hv mercy on this man

  • sean

    There is no possible way this is true. The dog attachments would rot on his face almost certainly causing infection. FAKE.

  • modupoela

    this oyinbo pple with their wahala, na wa oo

  • kemi

    This is crazy anyway.

  • Lorenzo Joseph

    WOW, very impressive, the negative comments above probably dont critisize, women who get botox etc etc etc and why is no one crapping on about the actually Doctor who did it?

    If he wants to look like an animal, its his calling. I actually find it gobsmackingly shockingly beautiful.