I Know Who Can End Boko Haram Bombings –Shehu Sani

President, Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria (CRCN), Mallam Shehu Sani, has said that he knows the right person who can end the Boko Haram violence which had led to the death of hundreds of Nigerians and destruction of property worth billions of Naira in the country.
“I can tell you if President Jonathan sees the value in my efforts and places a phone call and asks of one person who can offer a breakthrough in this Boko Haram insurgency, I am going to tell him that person who will do that.”
The human right activist, in an interview with Sunday Mirror, said he is not going to mention the name of the person for now and that he is not going to reach out to the government and say this is what it should do, adding that he believes he has spoken and done enough.
From what Olufamous.com gathered from security sources in Abuja, the Presidency is already looking in the direction of dialogue as a means to resolving the issues since other options are not delivering the desired result.
“I can tell you that there is a person whom I believe if the president of this country wants to solve this problem, he must contact. He must break away from security chiefs, security contractors and entrepreneurs who will simply tell him to ignore what the likes of Shehu Sani are saying, deceiving him that they are soon going to crush and finish Boko Haram,” he said.

Sani, who once took former President Olusegun Obasanjo to broker peace with Boko Haram in Maiduguri, said “You cannot end Boko Haram menace by meeting in Minna, Abuja, Sokoto or Lagos. You cannot end Boko Haram insurgency by organising seminars, conferences in five-star hotels. All these meetings that are going on are simply political meetings but not to zero in on how to end Boko Haram insurgence,” he said.

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  • joe

    is only Buhari that can talK to boko haram 

  • You are a very deceptive person. End the menace by talking to Buhari and Atiku and stop looking for ways to collect money from Jonathan

  • Kumbocity

    Rubbish Buhari is clean ok?  which would like to collect? do u know what he have in his pocket?