Beverly Osu kissed and fingered by Angelo in the BBA house (Watch Video)

Beverly Osu

After her Naked photos hit the net and the photos of Beverly Osu being kissed and fingered now watch the video. Adults Only.

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  • ENO


  • mary4ekah

    Was she she just kissed and fingered? What happened next? In BBA, anything can happen!

  • muhammad

    na God go help us oooooo


    Does she thinks posing as a whore is the best way to attract pples attention or vote,

  • Young Father

    there’s s different between having sex feelings and love feeling might wanna have sex with someone you don’t love just for him to satisfy you sex feeling at that moment after that no string attached but we african takes things for real.

  • Shakur Leo

    GOD have mercy……d world is coming to an end

  • elly

    wht is the significance of the BBA if i may ask?it promotes notin but the wrong ideas.notin african.

  • Eugene Anga

    Was it real, what do the house members stand to gain, what’re the moral lessons, is it projecting the image of Africa in a good light, what, what the African continent?

  • donsef

    thats what u get when u spend money over nothing, the whole idea of this BBA sucks…they are just promoting immorality while we have better ways to channel such money being spent there

  • ABN

    It is not just just Crazy, It is a rape of what Africa stands for

  • mimissan

    God deliver her from this mess

  • chichi obi

    She is a disgrace to Nigerian and should be evicted out immediately.