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  • Richard

    Take note, BBA is for adults and not for children like you so stop complaining

  • Rita

    End time Palava

  • Karimat


  • Taufiq Ibrahim

    What da Hell?

  • Modupeola

    WTF !!!

  • The Real Eloh Michaels

    After all, you called DSTV to activate your BBA, if you are complaining pls call DSTV to deactivate ur BBA, lols for me i love this menh!! patiently waiting for more of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I thought she is was a teacher!she was f****kn bitch…shame on u betty

  • Papi Ife

    BBA house of immorality !

  • Hillary God’sgoodness

    BBA is another medium that the devil has device to promote immoral goings-on(behavior).

  • Joyce Black

    nice ,,,,,,,,,,,, am going next year