African hulk so incredibly amazing, african hulk WOW!

African hulk! Now! this Guy here is the biggest we have ever seen, is this for real or some sort of Photoshop. but this guy big sha!


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  • Davidstevens

    He’s 2 small & the waist!

  • Who’s responsible for this edition. Ya be crazy ridiculous by taking random photos then falsify up stories. Ya ain’t original because ya be resourcing from other popular known media to spread exaggerated stories, is it for reputations or is it to stay on the already fact of the soiled reputation ya generated from. I mean greedy, gossip, corruption all incorporation that exist in Nigeria. Sad to say it have rot to the entire existence of the Nigerians to label them the same as well……  I can’t just understand the demented spread of obsessive practice of popular ingenuity to have the name stay intact. Shamelessly being for what you’ve mistaken to do is a curse that really seems to work.  When will politics be steady, when will leaders be selfless and pure in practice, when will sincerity reigns and when will selfish act end and when will people get rich for a better course than for power & authority promotion. When will laws be abiding and when will wealth and opportunity be distributed fairly and equally fallen individuals. Pssst…..if you a TYPICAL Nigerian just laugh on, or ignore but worry for your selfish being. 

    • aah

      I don’t care what you just said.