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HELP! I’m 18 Years Old student and I’ve Slept with Four Men, Is It BAD?

  • Posted On: 26th September 2013
  • With 3 Comments

Four partner HELP! Im 18 Years Old student and Ive Slept with Four Men, Is It BAD?

I’m an 18 years and a second year student in a private university….

I started having séx at the age of 16 that was after after leaving secondary school and so far I have had four séxual partners.I dated 2 of the boys while the other2 guys was just for fun, nothing serious.Recently I trusted a friend by telling how many men I’ve been with and I later saw text message coversationsbetween her and another mutual friend of ours laughing at me and criticizing me.They called me all sorts of names including wáyward and loosé.

I’ve been with only four men, is that toomuch for a girl my age? I thought it was the norm so why are my friends condemning me and passing the info around?I’m I doing anything out of the normal or is it a big

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  1. Henry Edeh · September 26, 2013

    it is very bad. that is only telling u that u may not stick to your husband when u finaly get married. Pls try to be a one woman one man girl. ok?. remember there are std every where n u can never tell who has it

  2. Chris Mmuoesona · September 26, 2013

    Pls don't destroy yourself by socalled enjoyment. You need to concentrate on your education now before you regret. Which record are u planning to break in sexual exhibition? U need a matured friend that will encourage u in your academic pursuit. Those guys are only after sex, then they will leave u in regret. Flee before it's too late. A word is enough for a wise!

  3. Emmanuel Aloziem · September 27, 2013

    it is too bad that thing like that are happening nevertheless do not allow your past mistakes to weigh you dawn,try to move on with live and also drop those your so called hypocrisy friends.the most important thing is for you to change for a better.

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